Executive Board Meeting Today 12/2 at 2 p.m. in SS 16

To ALL faculty:

Please note that there WILL be an executive board meeting of the Cerritos College Faculty Federation this afternoon at 2:00 pm in the heart of the social sciences basement, room SS16.

See you there!


Craig Breit, CCFF Interim Communications  Chair
Cerritos College

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Denial of Tenure

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you about a deeply troubling matter.  One of our 4th year probationary faculty members has received an overall rating of “unsatisfactory” by his evaluation team, effectively resulting in a recommendation for his denial of tenure and termination.  The evaluation reveals a jarring intolerance for our fundamental right to academic freedom – our right to teach as we deem most appropriate and effective for our students.

At essence, this evaluation report recommends denial of tenure because his teaching style does not comport with that of the evaluation team.

Among some of the more egregious examples from the evaluation are criticisms of the faculty member for teaching material in a chapter out of order. He was found unsatisfactory for failing to show a sufficient number of videos.  Elsewhere he was reprimanded for “high-fiving” students who offered up insightful comments during discussion.  And he was found to have given students too much time to write a “one-minute paper.”  These are among the causes cited in an evaluation that denies tenure.  Not only do such criticisms ignore this faculty member’s fundamental right to academic freedom, but they are arbitrary, capricious, and lack any relation to his effectiveness.

If the District upholds an evaluation like this (one which is arbitrary and has no relation to effectiveness), against a faculty member who, in his first year, won an Outstanding Faculty Award, it puts in peril not only the very ideals of academic freedom and the sanctity of our profession but our individual careers as well.  Indeed, the oft quoted labor slogan “An injury to one is an injury to all” seems particularly apropos now.

This faculty member has given CCFF permission to post his evaluation report, which is available here. I urge you to review it so you can discern the merits of the evaluation for yourselves.

It is time for us to take a stand in defending academic freedom and on behalf of a worthy colleague.

In unity,

Solomon Namala
(President, CCFF)

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June 6 Sacramento Rally to Save City College of San Francisco

Outgoing Committee on Political Education Chair (and incoming Cerritos College Faculty Senate President) Michelle Lewellen attended a CFT rally in Sacramento to call on the state to prevent ACCJC from revoking San Francisco City College’s accreditation. She took these photographs.

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Point-and-click To Support Accreditation Improvements

Dear colleagues,

Here is a link to a “point-and-click” letter that conveys support for the CFT-sponsored Assembly Bill 1942, a bill that seeks “fair accrediting practices for all of California’s community colleges.”  The letter takes only a moment to fill out, but the aggregate impact of support will help assure your colleagues throughout the state that they might receive a helpful rather than a potentially punitive accreditation process.

Here’s the link:  http://action.aft.org/c/941/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=8412

Please lend your name to the effort.


Jack Swanson
CCFF Communications

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Community Colleges Can Foster Student Success by Supporting Their Adjuncts

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education suggests that “Community Colleges Can Foster Student Success by Supporting Their Adjuncts“:

[A new report says that] when community colleges fail to support the part-time faculty members who teach more than half of the classes offered at such institutions, they are fostering a culture that creates a barrier to student success….

The report suggests that community colleges have conversations about how to support adjunct faculty members, include them in discussions, create clear pathways to full-time employment, and recognize part-timers’ accomplishment with additional pay when possible….

“Colleges need to do a better job of working with part-time faculty because engaging all faculty is a vital step toward meeting college-completion goals,” the report says.

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District, CCFF Agree to COLA+, Part-time Pay Increase, Lab Equity Task Force

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to share good news about negotiations. The CCFF membership ratified the contract with a vote of 130 to 4 yesterday. Following this, the Board of Trustees last night unanimously approved Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between the District and the CCFF. The MOUs are posted on the Human Resources website [and here on the CCFF website], but the essence of each is this:

  • All faculty, full-time and adjunct (part-time), will receive a 2.5% increase in salary, retroactive to July 1, 2013. Faculty will receive a retroactive check within the next 45 days.
  • For full-time faculty in 2014-2015, the District will automatically apply the COLA received from the state to their salary schedules.
  • Effective July 1, 2014, adjunct faculty salary schedules (adjunct instructional faculty, adjunct counseling and librarian faculty, and part-time substitute faculty) will have columns and steps. The new schedules recognize service at Cerritos College and advanced degrees, and provide an increase in salary. (Details are outlined in the MOU.)
  • The District and CCFF have agreed to create a Laboratory Compensation Task Force comprised of four faculty and four managers. The chief goal of this Task Force is to consider criteria and determine workload and compensation values for laboratory and activity classes. The Task Force will make recommendations to the District and the CCFF negotiation teams.

The enhanced salary schedule for adjunct faculty addresses both education and Cerritos College service–this is a first in our College’s history. The laboratory compensation task force also is a first and reflects a commitment to address compensation. These MOUs are a testament to a cooperative and positive effort between the CCFF and the District.

We acknowledge and deeply appreciate the efforts of the negotiation teams, and we look forward to continued collaboration and the development of a comprehensive contract between the CCFF and the District.


Solomon Namala
President, CCFF

Mary Anne Gularte
Vice President of Human Resources/Assistant Superintendent

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March 14 Bargaining Update – Good News

Dear colleagues,

It’s Friday night, the first night of spring break, and, figuratively, I stand center stage of Burnight Center before an empty auditorium.  I have good news that I’d like to share.  I will speak loudly.

The CCFF and the District are close to agreement on salary for both full- and part-time faculty.  The District understands the CCFF’s latest counter-proposal, acknowledges its viability, and plans to recommend that the Board accept our proposal at the next board meeting, Wednesday, March 19th.  Should the Board accept the proposal, we will have a Tentative Agreement.

At this point, the CCFF will want to explain the terms of the agreement.  We plan to hold a Town Hall meeting – probably during the dead hour on Tuesday, the 25th of March – the week after spring break.  The CCFF will then conduct a survey to determine whether or not the membership accepts the terms of the agreement.  Should the membership approve the agreement, the District will take the agreement back to the Board for their ratification on April 2nd.

Shortly thereafter, all faculty should expect a check, retroactive to July 1, 2013, and a modest increase in salary.

Enjoy the break,

Jack Swanson
CCFF Communications

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Bargaining Update February 18, 2014

Dear colleagues,
On Tuesday, February 18, the District offered the following:

  • COLA + 0.43% to make a total of 2% increase in pay.
  • They still insist on part-time faculty subsidizing their own raises by rolling the annual part-time equity funds into the improved salary schedule.
  • While they still agree to a lecture-lab parity task force, they declined our request to set a date for implementation.
  • They also proposed that the CCFF agree to accept no more than COLA next year, which is expected to be 0.86%.

The CCFF countered immediately with the following:

  • COLA+ 0.93% to make a total increase of 2.50%.
  • Part-time equity funds to go to part-time faculty; the improved salary schedule is merited.
  • Implementation of lecture-lab parity by fall of 2015.
  • The CCFF did not agree to accept a maximum of 0.86% next year.

We await the District’s response.

More later,

Jack Swanson
CCFF Communications

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Call to Help AFT in San Diego Election

CCFF Political Education Chair Michelle Lewellen asks:

“Sometime in the next week, pre 2/11, we can help our sisters and brothers in Palomar Federation of Teachers and AFT 1931 to get David Alvarez, a truly progressive mayor, elected in San Diego.

Follow this link, and you can make calls from the comfort of your own home:


…The race is very close, so every call will make a difference.”

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Bargaining Update – Jan. 16, 2014

Dear colleagues,

I write to you with an update on negotiations.  You might recall that the CCFF made three proposals:

·         Lecture-lab parity
·         Increase in part-time pay
·         COLA + (1.57% COLA plus 1.35% pay increase)

You’ll be heartened to know that the District recognizes the merit of according labs more than the 0.75 Lecture Hour Equivalent (LHE) – but only for some labs.  They have agreed with our proposal to create a Lab Parity Committee, which, by May 2014, should have established the protocol for submitting a lab course to the committee and the criteria by which the lab course will be evaluated.  Note, this proposal costs the District nothing this year.

Also heartening: the District agreed to add columns and a row for part-time faculty, part-time counselors, and part-time librarians.  This is good – a start.  However, the District proposed a troubling proviso:  that, in order to pay for the raise, part-time faculty are to give up their part-time equity funds, an annual state allocation intended to elevate part-time pay toward parity with full-time pay.  In effect, the District has agreed to add the columns and row, provided the part-time faculty pay for most of it.  The CCFF is disinclined to agree to have part-time faculty pay for their raise.  Note, because the raises would not take effect until fall 2014, this costs the District nothing this year.

Finally, the District has verbally agreed to pass through to the faculty the Cost of Living Adjustment that the state has funded.  However, we have yet to receive a response on the proposed 1.35% raise for faculty.  It is estimated that COLA + 1.35% will cost the District $550,000.  COLA itself – the 1.57% – represents 54% of the cost; the 1.35% is 46%.  46% of $550,000 is a little more than $254,000.  During the past 8 years, while the faculty have seen no pay raise and have lost 16% in purchasing power, the District has averaged a surplus of $3.6 million each year and has banked more than $33.8 million.  These numbers are not in dispute.  The District can afford our modest proposal.


Jack Swanson
CCFF Communications
Cerritos College

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