Month: September 2013

FACCC Raises Concerns about ACCJC with U.S. Department of Education

The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) recently joined other organizations–including CFT–who have raised concerns about the ACCJC, the organization that accredits California Community Colleges. In this public letter to the federal agency that oversees college accreditation, FACCC’s Executive Director, Johnathan Lightman, went into detail about specific causes for concern, and argued that the ACCJC is losing the support of faculty: What’s important to note is that faculty leaders neither question the value or function of accreditation…. Micro-managing public institutions of higher education that comply with the legal standards set forth by their state’s Legislature and applicable case law is an entirely different matter. ACCJC cannot continue to function

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Do You Question the Outsourcing of Lecturers at the Community College Level? Are You on Your Way to MOOCville?

Where state legislators and college administrators see an opportunity, some professors see a threat—if not to their jobs, then to their freedom to teach a course as they believe it should be taught. —Outsourced Lectures Raise Concerns About Academic Freedom When I was in my first year of teaching, I was so excited that I was able to design curriculum to deliver to a room full of people who were engaged the greatest journey in the world: COLLEGE.  Going through the journey of being a community college student, a student parent, a student with a full time job, a student without a job, and then finally, I graduated with a

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