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CCFF Executive Board Election Results

Dear Colleagues, CCFF Executive Board elections closed at 7 p.m. May 4. The following are the results: President ******** Stephanie Rosenblatt: 158 votes (100.0%) Votes tallied: 158 Abstentions: 16 Vice-President, Full-Time Faculty *************************** Kimberly Rosenfeld: 161 votes (100.0%) Votes tallied: 161 Abstentions: 13 Vice-President, Part-Time Faculty *************************** Bobbi-Lee Smart: 137 votes (100.0%) Votes tallied: 137 Abstentions: 37 Member-at-Large, Full-Time Faculty ***************************** Tor Lacy: 96 votes (61.9%) Carlos Arce: 59 votes (38.1%) Votes tallied: 155 Abstentions: 19 Member-at-Large, Part-Time Faculty ****************************** João Paulo Pereira : 53 votes (42.7%) Pauline Acosta: 71 votes (57.3%) Votes tallied: 124 Abstentions: 50 Secretary ******** George Jarrett: 160 votes (100.0%) Votes tallied: 160 Abstentions: 14 Treasurer

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CCFF: Text of Tentative Agreement for Your Review

Dear Colleagues, As you know, the CCFF and the District have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. Here are links to the full text of the new and revised articles of our contract: Academic Freedom Class Size Department Chairs Health and Welfare Office Hours Part Time Rehire Rights Program Directors Salary FT Salary Schedule PT Salary Schedules Union Rights All CCFF members will be able to vote to ratify this tentative agreement next week. The vote will be conducted online and the ballot will be sent to your Cerritos College email address. At that time a complete Collective Bargaining Agreement will be shared with you so you can

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CCFF-District Negotiation: Tentative Agreement Details

Dear Colleagues, As you now know, the CCFF and the District reached a tentative agreement Monday (8/15) evening. The two sides worked hard over the summer to arrive at a settlement and what we have as a tentative agreement is a fair and sound compromise. It sets a solid foundation for all of us to build on in the coming years. Here is a brief outline: PT Salary and Office Hours (PT/FT) PT faculty salary will increase in 2015-16 by 9% to 11% (depending on the step in the salary schedule) retroactive to July 1, 2015; for 2016-17, an additional 2.5% increase effective July 1, 2016, and for 2017-18, an

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Update on Summer 2016 Pay Rates

Dear Colleagues, Last fall it came to the Union’s attention that the District had been under-paying full-time faculty for summer semester instruction. The District, in blatant violation of the CBA, had been paying faculty on the previous year’s salary schedule instead of based on the proceeding year’s salary schedule. Appendix A, p. 4 of the CBA of the CBA requires that for regular and contract faculty: “Summer session salaries shall be based upon the salary schedule of the academic year immediately proceeding the summer session.” The District is again failing to pay faculty as required by the CBA. The Union has learned that faculty for the first summer session have

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