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Can You Imagine This Happening to You?

Important Update Regarding Part-Time Faculty Re-Employment Rights If this is your first semester here, CCFF welcomes you. For some of us, it might be our 10th semester — or tenth year, or 18th year. The following is a story of someone who is an eighteen YEAR (part time) employee. As most of you know, CCFF and the District concluded negotiations last semester with many new provisions now taking place for Spring 2017. In addition to salary improvements and increased office hour compensation for part-time faculty, part-time faculty can now qualify for a re-employment preference at the College, once they receive two consecutive evaluations OR are given an assignment for six

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CCFF Union Rally

We need your support! Come to the rally on Wednesday, May 4 @ 5:30 pm at the Administrative Quad See attached flyer: CCFF Union Rally Details

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CCFF Endorsement Consideration, Dr. Sandra Salazar

Dear Colleagues, It is time to gear up for the 2016 Board Elections. The CCFF is set to decide if we are going to select, endorse, and support any of the Trustee candidates, and we are interested in hearing your feedback. But first, some of you may be wondering why endorse a candidate at all? As we have learned over the years, a faculty-centered Board is a student-centered Board because it implies considering the needs and concerns of faculty and staff who are first in line to serve students. Likewise, learning conditions are tantamount to working conditions.  Hence, the success of our students is inextricably linked to our working conditions

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City College of San Francisco Update

Cerritos College was the only southern California community college to send a representative to a rally calling for legislative relief from the arbitrary and capricious practices of the ACCJC. The accrediting agency has been cited for violating federal and state laws and is increasingly under fire (see previous postings on this web site).

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Committee on Political Education Meeting–July 20, 1:00 p.m.

Welcome All, There will be a COPE meeting Monday, July 20, from 1-2:00 p.m., in SS16.  The purpose of the meeting is to accomplish the following: Introduce faculty to the committee and its function Discuss our goal of broadening the membership of the committee to represent every teaching area of the college Sign up new members Discuss Dr. Sandra Salazar’s request for a campaign contribution from our union’s political fund (Dr. Salazar has previously been endorsed by our union. Dr. Salazar will be up for re-election in a little more than a year. The actual campaign cycle for the election begins soon) Discuss plans to support various candidates running in

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Executive Board Meeting Today 12/2 at 2 p.m. in SS 16

To ALL faculty: Please note that there WILL be an executive board meeting of the Cerritos College Faculty Federation this afternoon at 2:00 pm in the heart of the social sciences basement, room SS16. See you there! Sincerely, Craig Breit, CCFF Interim Communications  Chair Cerritos College

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June 6 Sacramento Rally to Save City College of San Francisco

Outgoing Committee on Political Education Chair (and incoming Cerritos College Faculty Senate President) Michelle Lewellen attended a CFT rally in Sacramento to call on the state to prevent ACCJC from revoking San Francisco City College’s accreditation. She took these photographs.

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AB 955–College for the Rich and for the Poor?

Here’s a link recommended by a colleague, on the new AB 955 policy that will allow six California Community Colleges to charge full cost per unit for classes during summer and winter intersession:

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AB 955 “Opens the Door To a Two Tier…System”

Governor Brown last week signed AB 955, a bill that will allow some California Community Colleges to offer intersession courses at a full-price, non-subsidized rate. CFT president Joshua Pechthalt made the following statement on the bill: Community college faculty are deeply disappointed that the Governor signed AB 955…. AB 955 opens the door to a two-tier fee system in community colleges by authorizing one or more colleges to charge its students exorbitant fees for intersession courses…. The original bill … would have been broader, involving more colleges. Because CFT members and our supporters in the community raised our concerns with legislators and the governor, the negative impact of the bill

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Video on City College of San Francisco

The California Federation of Teachers has made a short video update on the situation with City College of San Francisco and the ACCJC:

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