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Dept. Chair Elections, Compensation, and Assumption of Duties (Summer)

CCFF and the District are happy to share our recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding assumption of chair summer duties and compensation (see attached). The MOU addresses departments that have had elections this spring and their options for who will be the chair during the summer. For those department  with continuing chairs, it indicates options for summer chair work. In short, you should decide whether you would like to work over the summer or not and inform your division Dean by no later than Thursday, May 11th. Please keep in mind that if you choose to work over the summer, it is expected that you maintain contact with your

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Bargaining Update February 18, 2014

Dear colleagues, On Tuesday, February 18, the District offered the following: COLA + 0.43% to make a total of 2% increase in pay. They still insist on part-time faculty subsidizing their own raises by rolling the annual part-time equity funds into the improved salary schedule. While they still agree to a lecture-lab parity task force, they declined our request to set a date for implementation. They also proposed that the CCFF agree to accept no more than COLA next year, which is expected to be 0.86%. The CCFF countered immediately with the following: COLA+ 0.93% to make a total increase of 2.50%. Part-time equity funds to go to part-time faculty;

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CCFF Proposes Better Salary for Adjuncts, COLA, and Lecture/Lab Parity

Dear colleagues, I’m writing to you to give you an update on negotiations. Last Thursday, October 31, the CCFF offered two proposals to the District. ·        To increase compensation for o   Part-time instructors by adding a row and two columns to their salary schedule o   Part-time counselors and librarians by adding two rows and two columns ·        To increase all faculty compensation with a o   Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) of 1.57%, and o   A 1.35% raise Also last Thursday, the CCFF was able to introduce the subject of Lecture-Lab parity, thanks to splendid presentations by Kimberly Duff, Kevin Taylor, Debbie Jensen, and Ann Voorhies. The rationale for increasing part-time

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