2023 CCFF Elections

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This spring CCFF will have executive board positions elections between the dates of April 12th to April 19th. 

Each position must be held by a CCFF member. Each elected officer will serve a duration of a two-year term and will take office on the day after the last official day of this semester. All Executive Board Officers should be available for bi-monthly Executive Board meetings, as well as Public Executive Board meetings, which are held once a month during Fall and Spring semesters. Should you need further details on the organization and responsibilities of each position, please feel free to read the Constitution and Bylaws here. The call for nominations started on February 27th and ended Thursday March 9th at 8:00 pm. Jason Hultman, CCFF Elections Committee Chair contacted those nominated during and asked if they accepted their nomination. Upon accepting the nomination, candidates were asked to submit a 250 word or less statement and picture due by March 15th. After those who were nominated, had been notified of their nominations and upon acceptance of the nomination, they were be invited to a Candidate Rules Meeting on Friday March 10th at 1:00 pm where the Election Committee went over campaigning and election rules and ballot order.  Here is to a smooth campaign and election cycle!

Your CCFF Elections Committee consists of: Jason Hultman – Elections Committee Chair, Anna DeMichele – Elections Committee Member, Dr. Ralph Casas –  Elections Committee Member, Stephanie Rosenblatt – Elections Committee Member


Dr. Wang, CCFF President
Lynn Wang, Ed.D., President
Elected Candidate

Dr. Wang is a full-time tenured Counselor/Assistant Professor at Cerritos Community College. Prior to working in the CA Community College system, Lynn spent 6 years directing federal TRIO programs that prepare low-income/first generation students to pursue college. Lynn has a passion for advocating for immigrants, working class families, and making education
accessible for all communities. Lynn holds an Associate degree from Cerritos College, then transferred to UC Berkeley where
she received her Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare with a minor in Education. She also holds a Master of Science in Counseling, and an Educational Doctorate in Community College Leadership from Cal State Fullerton. Currently, Lynn serves as the faculty union president for over 1,000 full-time and part-time faculty at Cerritos College. Lynn was first elected as the CCFF president in 2020, she is seeking re-election this Spring. During her tenure as the president, her team settled a collective bargaining agreement with the District where the faculty received appropriate Cost of Living Adjustments (over 22% pay increase) for 2021-2024. Lynn currently serves as the CCFF representative on the following shared governance committees: Coordinating, Enrollment Management, Planning & Budget, Access to Completion and Equity (ACE), Compressed Calendar Ad Hoc, Academic Calendar
COVID 19 Return to Campus, Board of Trustee’s meeting CCFF Representative, Academic Senate’s meeting CCFF Representative, Various Hiring Committees, Negotiations, Grievance, Membership Committee for CCFF, Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lynn at lynnatccff@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration!

April Bracamontes, Ed. D., VP Full-Time Faculty
Elected Candidate

I have been a full time faculty at Cerritos College since 2012 in the Communication Studies Department. I believe in the power of collective bargaining and faculty unity. I have held a variety of leadership positions at Cerritos College including Faculty Senate President and Secretary. I am the current Vice President of Full Time Faculty and Lead Negotiator for CCFF.  I value open communication, honesty, and engaging faculty across our campus. I would be proud to continue to serve as Vice President of Full Time Faculty and Lead Negotiator. 

Mariam Youssef
Mariam Youssef, Ph. D., VP of Part-Time Faculty
Elected Candidate

I’m running for re-election as the Vice-President of Part-Time Faculty for CCFF. I’ve served on our E-board since 2019, handling grievances and advocating or part-time faculty. I’m committed to equity for part-time faculty and would be honored to continue serving our faculty.

Timothy Chatman
Timothy Chatman, Secretary
Elected Candidate

I have been a member of the Philosophy department at Cerritos College since 2016 and a Teaching Assistant before that. My work led to my being awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award, the Outstanding Club Advisor Award, and the Transfer Center Certificate of Appreciation. I have worked on planning numerous academic events and bring the same energy to my current position as secretary of our union. I believe that a strong union that unites and represents all faculty members is in the interests of students, faculty, and Cerritos College as a whole.

Christian Teeter
Christian Teeter, M.B.A., E.d.D., Treasurer
Elected Candidate

Hello! I teach Business part-time at Cerritos College. It is an honor and privilege to serve as your Treasurer. I take great pride in the work I do for the union and was delighted to be nominated by a colleague to continue in the Treasurer role. My overarching goals as Treasurer are compliance, transparency, and service to all members. Thank you for your consideration of my nomination. I look forward to hopefully continuing to work with our Executive Board and our membership to support the critical needs of our faculty. Please reach out to me at christian.teeter@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you again for your consideration. 

Cynthia L
Cynthia Lavariere, Ed.D., Full Time Faculty Member at Large
Elected Candidate

I am looking forward to serving another term as your union representative. It is with this CCFF team that a lot has been accomplished and I would like to continue to build on that with this next term. If you select me to be your FT Member-at-Large you will select a person that will continue to work hard for you. I have a long-standing history here at Cerritos College and as a CCFF union member. Throughout the years, I served this union as the Grievance Chair, Interim Secretary, and FT Member-at-large. My past 23 years of service as a full-time faculty member will also be helpful in serving in this capacity.

Faculty Member At Large Counselors, Librarians & Instructional Specialists (CLI)
Elected Candidate

Hello AMAZING Cerritos College faculty! My name is Lisa Blod and I have been serving students as a Counselor in the Cerritos
College CalWORKs program for over eight years. It has been an honor and a privilege to assist students in achieving their college and career goals. I am sincerely thankful for the professional experience and growth opportunities I have received at Cerritos. In addition, I am also grateful for the professional colleagues with whom I have had the pleasure of working. In addition to my Cerritos College counseling faculty assignment, I have had the opportunity to serve my fellow faculty as an executive board member for CCFF during the past two years as ‘Member at Large-CLI” faculty representative. In this position I have enjoyed the responsibilities of keeping in touch with our faculty informing them of important CCFF membership opportunities and events. I have also enjoyed working with the CCFF membership committee planning engagement activities for all Cerritos College faculty. I am committed to supporting the cares and concerns of the Cerritos College faculty. I am looking forward to continuing my active role in the CCFF decision-making process making sure my vote as a CCFF e-board member continues to help faculty have the strongest representation by working to increase union membership. I will also vote in support of bylaws and contract language to enhance professional success and quality of life. My professionalism adheres to the highest ethical standards regarding communication and collaboration when representing constituents. I am ready to perform all duties required of me in this position including serving on committees, working closely with Cerritos College divisions/representatives, encouraging new CCFF membership, holding meetings/forums/workshops and performing any additional duties as needed.
I look forward to continuing to serve as a CCFF e-board member in this honorable role.

Henrietta Hurtado
Dr. Henrietta Hurtado, Communications Chair
Elected Candidate

Irving BartiKofsky, Committee On Political Education (COPE) Chair Elected Candidate

I am a Disability Specialist at Cerritos College and work in the Student Accessibility Services (SAS)
department. I have been a member of CCFF since I joined the faculty in 2010 and previously served as
COPE Chair. Before coming to Cerritos, I served as the Southeastern Political Action Chair for the
California Teachers Association. In these roles I built and maintained valuable and dynamic relationships
with our local legislators, including our trustees. I believe these relationships are paramount when
advocating for our union and I look forward to working with our union’s executive board and interested
members to develop our union’s capacity to do this work. I am honored to, once again, serve you as
your CCFF COPE Chair.