Year: 2013

The Great Stratification (of Academic Labor)

Writing in the Chronicle Review of the Chronicle of Higher Education, Jeffery J. Williams contrasts the structure of the academic labor market with that of medicine: Given that there are more than 1.4 million college faculty members in the United

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The District Can Afford CCFF Proposals

Dear colleagues, In the last bargaining update, I presented the rationales for the three CCFF proposals: ·        Lecture-lab parity ·        Increase in part-time pay ·        COLA + (1.53% COLA plus 1.35% pay increase) Tuesday, November 19th, the CCFF Executive Board

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CCFF Proposes Better Salary for Adjuncts, COLA, and Lecture/Lab Parity

Dear colleagues, I’m writing to you to give you an update on negotiations. Last Thursday, October 31, the CCFF offered two proposals to the District. ·        To increase compensation for o   Part-time instructors by adding a row and two columns

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AB 955–College for the Rich and for the Poor?

Here’s a link recommended by a colleague, on the new AB 955 policy that will allow six California Community Colleges to charge full cost per unit for classes during summer and winter intersession:

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AB 955 “Opens the Door To a Two Tier…System”

Governor Brown last week signed AB 955, a bill that will allow some California Community Colleges to offer intersession courses at a full-price, non-subsidized rate. CFT president Joshua Pechthalt made the following statement on the bill: Community college faculty are

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Video on City College of San Francisco

The California Federation of Teachers has made a short video update on the situation with City College of San Francisco and the ACCJC:

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Profile of California Community College Faculty

The FACCC recently published a quick, visual profile of California Community College Faculty. It includes the chart here, showing ratios of full- and part-time instructional hours, and data on the gender, age, and ethnicity of the faculty.

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FACCC Raises Concerns about ACCJC with U.S. Department of Education

The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) recently joined other organizations–including CFT–who have raised concerns about the ACCJC, the organization that accredits California Community Colleges. In this public letter to the federal agency that oversees college accreditation, FACCC’s Executive

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Do You Question the Outsourcing of Lecturers at the Community College Level? Are You on Your Way to MOOCville?

Where state legislators and college administrators see an opportunity, some professors see a threat—if not to their jobs, then to their freedom to teach a course as they believe it should be taught. —Outsourced Lectures Raise Concerns About Academic Freedom

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Happy Labor Day and Welcome Back

Dear Colleagues, Happy Labor Day weekend and welcome back to a new semester!  I hope you had a refreshing summer and that getting back up on the bicycle of teaching has been easier and more fun than you expected. For

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