Union Update – Nov 1, 2018

Dear Colleagues:

Earlier today Dr. Adriana Flores-Church, the District’s Lead Negotiator, sent out an email with a link to the District’s update on our last negotiations session.

In that update, the District’s latest proposal was described. Their description is not the full story.

First, our petition is working, so don’t be fooled.

This proposal was only put on the table at Tuesday’s session because hundreds of you signed and shared a petition to Dr. Fierro and the Trustees asking for many of those provisions. Nonetheless, the District’s proposal is still not good enough given the ongoing increase in revenue the District has received.  We think the District posted their update to divide the faculty.

Second, a 4.21% increase is really COLA +1.5%.

We can do better. Our faculty are working harder than ever and the District can afford it. Cerritos College is receiving 14.7% overall in ongoing budget increase just from the new funding formula alone.

Third, an off-schedule increase is not a raise.

This is a one-time “bonus”.  Here’s what 0.50% looks like. Someone who earns $100,000/year would get $500.  Someone who earns $12,000 would get $60. This amount, on our salary schedules, compounding each year and increasing our pensions, is meaningful.  Off schedule, after taxes, it might pay for your parking permit or a really fly pair of boots.

Fourth, our health care is still being held hostage.

We repeatedly asked them to sign off on health care for this year before open enrollment ended but they refused. Their financial package only covers health care this year while the next two years are contingent on us signing off on a formula that still needs to be negotiated.  Now that early enrollment is over many of the families who need the more expensive plans have switched so their offer to fully cover premiums above the cap is hollow.

Fifth, the District rejected a revenue sharing model for all three years.

We proposed adopting a revenue-sharing formula that’s been used by the San Diego Community College District for a decade. Why will they agreeing to adopt a revenue-sharing formula for the second two years of the contract but not the first? (It rhymes with bunny.)

Sixth, adopting a parity model is not parity. 

We proposed modifying the existing part-time salary schedules by applying a parity factor to move part-time pay towards parity. If the District is willing to fund part-time salaries on those table to full parity which is commonly defined as 82.5% we would have no objections.

Seventh, there’s more in our contract than just money.

CCFF has been around for 15 years but we still don’t have a full assignment article that describes our working conditions and how we’re scheduled.  We don’t have due process or just cause. The District refuses to budge on articles that impact our quality of life here at the college and whether we’re able to perform our jobs as professionals.

We deserve more that what’s being offered. Our students need more than what is being offered.

Let’s continue to put pressure on the administration.

Sign and share our petition

Make plans to show up on November 14.

Let us know we can count on you.

And look for our update over the weekend.


In Unity,