AB 955 “Opens the Door To a Two Tier…System”

Governor Brown last week signed AB 955, a bill that will allow some California Community Colleges to offer intersession courses at a full-price, non-subsidized rate.

CFT president Joshua Pechthalt made the following statement on the bill:

Community college faculty are deeply disappointed that the Governor signed AB 955….

AB 955 opens the door to a two-tier fee system in community colleges by authorizing one or more colleges to charge its students exorbitant fees for intersession courses….

The original bill … would have been broader, involving more colleges. Because CFT members and our supporters in the community raised our concerns with legislators and the governor, the negative impact of the bill in its final form was reduced.

…This is not the best approach to solving a problem created by underfunding. The best approach would be to tap progressive revenue sources to properly fund a community college system that can meet student demand.

The full text of his statement was posted on CFT’s Facebook.