About the Membership Form

The AFT/CFT has created a new membership form as of May 2017 to account for the changes that have resulted from the decision of the Supreme Court case, Janus vs AFSCME. On June 27, 2018, the Court ruled in favor of Janus, and this will affect everyone’s membership status. This is why the union is asking that everyone, current members and non-members, fill out the new form to protect your membership and our union. Your membership not only keeps our union strong, it also ensures that you are protected at your workplace. The Cerritos College Faculty Federation regularly fights for fairer wages, access to benefits and better working conditions. Be sure you’re a member. Click on the link below to access the electronic membership form.

The CCFF is providing an electronic form that you can fill out online. Click here to go to the electronic form.

The electronic form is easy to fill out on your home computer, tablet or smart phone. Signatures can be made with your mouse or your finger, depending on which device you are using.

Please read below to learn more about the membership form.

The Top Portion – Join the Union!

Changes to the New Form

Much of the new form is the same, with the exception of a couple small changes in the top portion. One of those changes, is the required two signatures. Another change is the language that accompanies the second signature.


The first signature indicates that you agree to the following:

  • to become a member of the Cerritos College Faculty Federation (CCFF)
  • to allow the CCFF to represent you as your union
  • to accept the union’s Constitution and Bylaws, which explains how the union is run

The second signature indicates that

  • you request that the college deduct a union due from your monthly wages, for ten months of the year (dues are not deducted for two months in the summer)
  • your membership will automatically renew annually
  • you can revoke your membership in writing during a “window period,” if you choose to

Contact Information

The spaces above the signatures request your contact information so the union can reach you regarding important information. The CCFF contacts their members through personal email, text message and phone calls to notify them of impending events and necessary actions.

Please fill out the contact portion in full.

Work Location

Your work location is the division and department where you work at Cerritos College.

Support the Union’s Committee on Political Education (COPE)

This portion of the form requests a small donation for the political arm of the union. Donations can be as small as $1. These contributions will be deducted monthly, except for two months in the summer. Choosing to donate is voluntary.

COPE funds are very important for CCFF to conduct certain tasks and interact with state and local representatives, including our own Board Trustees. Just as union dues are very important to keeping the union functioning, COPE funds are just as vital for the union to act for the benefit of faculty. This is why we ask members to consider offering a small contribution.

Group Life Insurance

New members are eligible for free life insurance for the first year of membership. If you are currently teaching at Cerritos College and are a new member, check both boxes on the electronic form, choose a beneficiary and sign and date the bottom. If you are a current member and would like to extend your coverage, please visit www.aftbenefits.org for more information.