Agenda (4.16.2019)

Public Executive Board Meeting

Monday, April 8, 2019

LC  134

9:30-11:00 am

I. MINUTESGeorge (Secretary)
II. MEMBERSHIP Victor Zamora (Membership Chair)
Pauline Acosta (PT Member-at-Large)
– Friday member blitz
– Upcoming drives: text & distance ed
III. NEGOTIATIONS Kimberly Rosenfeld (FT Vice President, Lead Negotiator)
– Final version of the contract
– information campaign
Budget   Ralph Casas (Treasurer)  
Grievance Cynthia Lavariere (Grievance Chair)
– Mata, Blod, Brown, Gurrola
– Office Hours Grievance
IV. COPE   Irving Bartikofsky (COPE Chair)
V. Part-time   Bobbi-Lee Smart (PT Vice President)
VI. Communications Veronica Miranda (Communications Chair)