Agenda (5.13.2019)

CCFF Executive Board Meeting

MONDAY, MAY 13, 2019

9:30-11:00 am

I. Minutes                              George Jarrett

II. Reports    

A. Budget                                Ralph Casas

Discussion: How much should we invest in CDs next year?

B. Grievance                           Cynthia Lavariere

C. Negotiations                       Kimberly Rosenfeld

D. COPE                                 Irving Bartikofsky

May 22 Update

Motion: Approve Schools and Communities First Resolution

E. Membership                       Victor Zamora & Pauline Acosta

            Motion: Approve spending up to $100 on a tray of “sweets” to augment food for faculty

green room during graduation. (Funds to come from Membership line item.)

F. Communications                Veronica Miranda

G. Part-time                            Bobbi-Lee Smart

H. President                            Bobbi-Lee Smart

Recognition of last meeting of two members of executive board: Irv & Victor


Strategic Planning Meeting:  May 31 9-3.  (Location TBD.)

Eboard meeting to allocate release time/stipends: June 19 3-5 pm (On campus.)

III. Member Items