Agenda (5.6.2019)

CCFF Executive Board Meeting

MONDA, MAY 6, 2019

9:30-11:00 am

I. MINUTES                              George Jarrett


A. Budget                                Ralph Casas

Motion: Approve 6.25 units for summer stipends for grievance, treasurer, president. (Cost: $5,625. ½ included in 2018-2019 budget.) 

Breakdown as follows:

Treasurer – 3 units/wk

Grievance – 3 units/wk

President – 1 unit/wk for 3 weeks

C. Grievance                           Cynthia Lavariere

            Closed Session

Brown — Cynthia

Blod, Gurrola, — Stephanie

F. COPE                                  Irving Bartikofsky

Motion: Approve spending up to $1,500 to send up to 5 people to Red for Ed Day in Sacramento on May 22.  Travel expenses not to exceed $300 per person. (Money would come from budget allocated for Travel/Conferences)

H. President                            Stephanie Rosenblatt

  • Process for identifying candidates for MAL(NI) to be elected by new eboard at Strategic Planning Meeting on May 31.
  • Process for appointing new grievance chair
  • CFT Committee Appointments
  • Announcement of CCFF Eboard Election Results
  • Challenge to election results
  • Motion: Approve expenditure necessary for election committee to work with union’s legal counsel on challenge to election results
  • Motion: Allocate up to $100 on “sweets” for Faculty Green Room at graduation.
  • Summer Coverage
  • Release time/stipend allocation meeting date
  • Motion: Approve language of eboard response to election challenge