Alert #4: Offered 10% – minus the cost of Department Chair compensation

It is not 10% – It is 10% minus your Department Chair’s compensation!

It is no secret that the department chair compensation over the years has been ablated on the Cerritos College campus. The district has pocketed the difference and placed it in their bulging reserve coffers. Meanwhile extra duties continue to be added to the already saturated Department Chair assignments. The administration has reduced some department chair’s compensation by 5O%. Randomly. According to their whim and notion of “right-sizing” the college. And without input from the faculty of record. Some of these cuts were made after retirements.

The retired would have rejected the cuts if they were present. So should you.

Now the district proposes to pay for chairs meager compensation out of your pocket. If the district’s offer of COLA is accepted, department chair duties will come out of that figure. It is NOT “in addition to.”

It is 2.5 percent MINUS department chair compensation.

Even if you have never been a department chair, think about how this would affect your income, workload and stress. If you have ever given a thought to becoming a department chair, how do you feel now? To ask the entire faculty to take department chair compensation out of COLA is unconscionable.

Help us stop the madness.

Reject this hidden agenda by speaking up and showing up at the CCFF rally,

Wednesday February 17th 5:30 pm in the Administrative Quad.