Archived Updates 2013-14

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Accreditation: U.S. Department of Education Agrees with CFT Complaints

State of California to Audit ACCJC

Recent MOUs Now Available

Candidate Forum with Sally Havice

Happy Labor Day and Welcome Back

Do You Question the Outsourcing of Lecturers at the Community College Level? Are You on Your Way to MOOCville?

FACCC Raises Concerns about ACCJC with U.S. Department of Education

Profile of California Community College Faculty

Video on City College of San Francisco

AB 955 “Opens the Door To a Two Tier…System”

AB 955–College for the Rich and for the Poor?

CCFF Proposes Better Salary for Adjuncts, COLA, and Lecture/Lab Parity

The District Can Afford CCFF Proposals

The Great Stratification (of Academic Labor)

Call to Help AFT in San Diego Election

District, CCFF Agree to COLA+, Part-time Pay Increase, Lab Equity Task Force

Community Colleges Can Foster Student Success by Supporting Their Adjuncts

Point-and-Click To Support Accreditation Improvements