On this page you will find an archived list of emails send out to all faculty.

Academic Year 2017-18

Public E-Board Recap & Union Update (Nov 2017)

Union Office Closed for Winter Break

CCFF Public E-Board Recap and Union Update (Oct 2017)

Vote on CCFFDues Change (Fall 2017)

CCFF Dues Increase Proposal

Recap of Public E-Board Meeting (Sep 2017)

Union Public E-Board Meeting

Vote on CCFF Dues Change

CCFF Update and Dues Increase

Academic Year 2016-17

Paid Summer Office Hours

CCFF Executive Board Election Results

Dept. Chair Elections, Compensation, and Assumption of Duties (Summer)

CCFF Meeting Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017, SS 136

2017 Annual Meeting – Sat. February 25

Can You Imagine This Happening to You?

We Have a Contract Because of You, Faculty

Contract Approved by Membership, Trustees

CCFF Contract Ratification Vote

CCFF: Text of Tentative Agreement for Your Review

CCFF-District Negotiation: Tentative Agreement Details

Academic Year 2015-16

Update on Summer 2016 Pay Rates

Petition Summer Office Hours & Fair Chair Compensation

[Update Negotiations]

Faculty Survey

CCFF Union Rally

Your College in the News, Courtesy of CCFF, Local 6215

[Bargaining Update #12 – revisited]

[Board Watch #1 (2/22/16)]

A Story Told in Tables – Priorities from 2017 to 2014

In Honor of Labor Day

CCFF Endorsement Consideration, Dr. Sandra Salazar

Academic Year 2014-15

City College of San Francisco Update

Committee on Political Education Meeting – July 20, 1:00 pm

Executive Board Meeting Today 12/2 at 2 p.m. in SS 16

Denial of Tenure – Draft

June 6 Sacramento Rally to Save City College of San Francisco

Academic Year 2013-14

Point-and-Click to Support Accreditation Improvements

Community Colleges Can Foster Student Success by Supporting Their Adjuncts

District, CCFF Agree to COLA+, Part-Time Pay Increase, Lab Equity Task Force

[March 14 Bargaining Update – Good News]

[Bargaining Update (February 18, 2014)]

Call to Help AFT in San Diego Election

[Bargaining Update (Jan 16, 2014)]

The Great Stratification (of Academic Labor)

The District Can Afford CCFF Proposals

CCFF Proposes Better Salary for Adjuncts, COLA, and Lecture/Lab Parity

AB 955 – College for the Rick and for the Poor?

AB 955 “Opens the Door To a Two Tier…System”

Video on City College of San Francisco

Profile of California Community College Faculty

Bargaining Survey Results – Private

FACCC Raises Concerns About ACCJC with U.S. Department of Education

Do You Question the Outsourcing of Lecturers at the Community College Level? Are You on Your Way to MOOCville?

Happy Labor Day and Welcome Back

Candidate Forum with Sally Havice

Recent MOUs Now Available

State of California to Audit ACCJC

Accreditation: U.S. Department of Education Agrees with CFT Complaints

Academic Year 2012-13

In These Time: Is Higher Ed the Next Target of Corporate ‘Reformers’?

AFT Local Files Complaint Against Accreditation Agency

End of Spring Message from Jack Swanson

Officer Election Results

Officer Election Results

E-Board Meeting Change

Officer Election Reminder

Congratulations to Outstanding Faculty

Membership Meeting

Cesar Chavez Day

Membership Meeting Tuesday, March 19

Is Accreditation Bad for Colleges

CFT Convention Delegates

Results of 2013 Golden Handshake Survey

Spring 2013 Executive Board Calendar

Academic Year 2011-12

Demand to Bargain

Academic Year 2010-11

Summer School Cuts?!

Students Protest Cuts to Summer School