Bargaining Update #12 (2-25-16)

The CCFF and the District met yesterday, Thursday, February 25.  The CCFF presented the District with every section of the contract that was sunshined this year, along with sections both parties agreed to roll over from the contract that expired in 2012 – a total of 106 pages.  This package included counter proposals on Academic Freedom, Sabbaticals, and new sections on Conferences, Travel and Professional Organizations, and Just Cause.

The District presented counter proposals on salary and assignment.

The District did not revise any of its salary proposal – no COLA, no steps added, no reduction in longevity increases – but did clarify that the District would continue to pay for summer school office hours.

As for the Assignment article, the District eviscerated it.  If we choose to keep the proposed 2.5% salary increases for 2016-17 and for 2017-18, the District will not consider anything that may have a cost or anything that strays from current practice.

Seniority rights for part-time faculty disappeared from the article – as did all language pertaining to chairs, coordinators, program directors, and coaches.  Gone.

The CCFF is consulting legal counsel.

A more detailed update will be sent out next week.