Bargaining Update #3 (10-8-15)

Dear colleagues,

Last night the Union and the District negotiated three issues:

  • Health benefits
  • Union rights
  • Reassigned time

Members of the Union’s negotiating team who attended negotiations were: Terrance Mullins, Solomon Namala, Lyndsey Lefebvre, Kimberly Rosenfeld, Jay Elarcosa, and Stephanie Rosenblatt.

Members of the District’s negotiating team who attended were: Mary Anne Gularte, Adrianna Flores-Church, Rick Miranda, Sandra Marks, Shawna Baskette, Gary Pritchard, and Steve Andelson, the District’s Lawyer.

Health Benefits

The Union and the District are getting closer on health benefits for 2016, 2017, and 2018.  The District seems to agree that they will continue to cover the costs of all plans we currently have for individuals and families for 2016. The most expensive family plan (PERSCare) for 2016 is $20,808.

The main areas of disagreement continue to be how much money the District should be obligated to pay for our health care in 2017 and 2018 and over the types of benefits retirees should receive.  The Union wants to make sure that the District agrees to increases that will continue to provide members with the same coverage we currently have.  The District wants to cap costs using a percentage that we fear will not keep pace with the rising costs of health care.

We understand how frustrating it is for members to not know how much the District will contribute towards health and benefits. Please understand that under our current agreement, the District is still obligated to cover a maximum of $20,505 annually towards our health premiums.  The good news is that once we’ve come to an agreement, members will know how much the District will pay for health benefits for the next three years.

Union Rights

The District and the Union reached a tentative agreement tonight over Union Rights.  This article ensures the Union will be able to use college space to serve the needs of our members.  The article also provides the Union with guarantees that we will be able to continue to communicate with faculty.  The District will also be required to continue to share information with the Union that will help us when negotiating contracts and supporting members through the grievance process.

Reassigned Time

The District and the Union are continuing to negotiate over the amount of reassigned time that is provided for faculty members engaged in Union activities such as membership services, contract writing and negotiations, and processing grievances.

Upcoming Articles

Our next negotiating meeting is scheduled for October 22.  At that time we plan to continue to work towards agreement on Health and Benefits and Reassigned Time, and will receive the District’s counter proposals on Academic Freedom and Just Cause. We hope to begin negotiating pay and the assignment article very soon.