Bargaining Update – 9/14/15

Dear colleagues,

This season of negotiations commenced on Thursday, September 10, and the District’s team – made up of five administrators, a staff person, and a lawyer – arrived at the table with smiles and good intentions.

The CCFF team – made up of six teachers, among them two part-timers – likewise came bearing smiles, comparable intentions, and three proposals, articles on the following matters:

  • Academic Freedom,
  • Union Rights, and
  • Healthcare and Benefits.

Before getting to the proposals, the first order of business was to establish and agree upon ground rules for negotiations.  Done.

As for Healthcare and Benefits, the CCFF seeks a three-year deal, much like the one we’ve had for the last three years.  We’re asking for the District to cover the cost of the insurance premiums up to the maximum amount for a family covered under PERSCare for the years 2016 and 2017, then capping the District’s responsibility at a maximum per full-time faculty member for 2018.

We are also asking the District to begin providing health insurance for full-time faculty members who retire between the ages 55 and 65, the age at which they become eligible for Medicare.  In addition, we are proposing an increase in the retiree’s benefits for healthcare, which is currently $149 per month.

Finally, we are also asking that the District and the Union jointly investigate offering medical coverage for eligible part-time faculty.  Should the District agree, we hope to be able to report back by the end of the 2016 Spring semester.

Jack Swanson
Cerritos College