Bargaining Update February 18, 2014

Dear colleagues,
On Tuesday, February 18, the District offered the following:

  • COLA + 0.43% to make a total of 2% increase in pay.
  • They still insist on part-time faculty subsidizing their own raises by rolling the annual part-time equity funds into the improved salary schedule.
  • While they still agree to a lecture-lab parity task force, they declined our request to set a date for implementation.
  • They also proposed that the CCFF agree to accept no more than COLA next year, which is expected to be 0.86%.

The CCFF countered immediately with the following:

  • COLA+ 0.93% to make a total increase of 2.50%.
  • Part-time equity funds to go to part-time faculty; the improved salary schedule is merited.
  • Implementation of lecture-lab parity by fall of 2015.
  • The CCFF did not agree to accept a maximum of 0.86% next year.

We await the District’s response.

More later,

Jack Swanson
CCFF Communications