Be An Engaged CCFF Community Leader

Do more with your union to help your faculty colleagues.

Here’s what you can do:

Volunteer to attend the Informational Picket on Wednesday, October 6 at 5:30PM

Wear red, and join the CCFF team on the corner of Alondra and Studebaker to advocate for healthcare prior to the first BoT in person meeting of the fall 2021 semester post COVID! 

The purpose for this collective demonstration is to pressure the district to extend healthcare for Cerritos College full-time faculty and staff for the 2022 calendar year. 

How else can you advocate for your health? 

  1. Submit a public comment form prior to the BoT meetings OR
  2. Leave a voicemail at (562) 888-3610 prior to the BoT meetings OR
  3. Attend in person BOT meetings to voice your concerns during public comments time

Attend CCFF E-board meetings

Regular e-board meetings are currently held Mondays at 9:30 – 11:00 via zoom.

Public Executive Board Meetings are held every third tuesday of the month via zoom (during COVID) at 11-12:30 pm during the spring 2021 semester. All CCFF meetings adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order.

All CCFF Meetings & Events agenda and minutes are regularly posted here

Follow CCFF on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Send your communications Chair pontential posts, interesting articles, and your photos at!

Serve as a union representative.

President Wang holds recurring meetings with Division Reps.  For the remaining of the spring 2021 semester, the meetings will take place Wednesdays at 10:00am before your monthly division meetings. Check your inbox for meeting agenda, zoom link, and list of talking points. 

May, 2021 talking points

  1. The HVAC report and summary is now ready for review, please visit click on the tab “HVAC Assessment Report”
  2. Please consider recording and submit a public comment for June 2nd’s BOT meeting, we want the District to take care of the HVAC issues before Aug 2nd.  Try to make your comment 5 min or shorter. Form to Submit your Written Public Comment or call Phone Number to Record your Public Comment: ‪(562) 888-3610‬.
  3. Part time medical reimbursement is due by 05/21/2021. According to our Spring 2021 MOU, faculty whose load is 40% or more of a full-time load will be eligible for up to the $1,000 maximum. Faculty whose load is below 40% will have the maximum reimbursement set by the amount of their load relative to 40%. You can submit your request for reimbursement to Donna Sheibe (, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help. VP of Part-time can be reached at
  4. The District has decided to pump the breaks on the conversation on mandatory vaccination, per the guidance from the Chancellor’s Office- see attached. District plans on waiting for further guidance from the Chancellor’s Office to continue the discussion. 
  5. The District and CCFF met on 05/07/2021 and presented our initial proposal for the summer and fall 2021 return to campus MOU. We are working on posting the MOU update, and we will make it available on the CCFF COVID 19 site. Next meeting with the District is this Friday, 05/14/21.
  6. The District is hosting another return to campus forum on 05/21/21 from 1-2:30, please register here
  7. CCFF will stay “open” during the summer, please email Lynn at should you have any questions, regarding grievance, return to campus, assignment, and etc. 
Attend and Volunteer during the CCFF Membership Committee Meetings

The committee plans to hold Membership Mondays phone banks at 5-7pm until the end of the spring 2021 term. Your attendance is welcomed during the Thursday committee meetings at 12:30pm and our phone banks. Please contact Dr. Pauline Acosta, Membership Committee Chair at if you wish to participate! 

Attend the 2021 CFT Convention. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and public health guidelines, the CFT Convention 2021 will be held virtually on March 26-27. Some events will be held in the days preceding the Convention. The Convention is the Federation’s highest governance body, where delegates shape union policy and positions on issues affecting all members. The now biennial Convention is open to all CFT members, but only elected delegates can vote. Therefore, CCFF is seeking delegates to attend the CFT Convention. Since the convention will be held online this year, it is free for all CCFF members to attend. Any CCFF member in good standing can be nominated or self-nominated to attend as a delegate. Interested CCFF members may email President Wang by February 19 at 11:59 pm at to express interest in serving as a delegate for the Convention.

Share union information with colleagues.
When you attend a public union meeting, share what was discussed there with a colleague. They’ll appreciate the inside info. Refer to the meeting agenda and minutes to help with talking points.
Show your support for union actions.

When the CCFF wants to show the community faculty and union solidarity and strength, we can come together for an in person rally. Join us! Wear a T-shirt and a CCFF pin for visual solidarity and support. During COVID leave, we encourage you to please submit a public comment that can be read at the Board of Trustees meetings! Click here to leave your comment.

In your comment, consider including concerns about taking care of family during the pandemic.


“I am taking care of my children while I work from home.”

“I need to be available to care for my elderly parents.”

“My family depends on me and I will need support if I get sick.”

Hearing these comments will help the Board of Trustees understand the working conditions of faculty and help CCFF at the negotiations table. Click here to leave your comments before Wednesdays at 7pm. You can also call to record a public comment at (562) 888-3610. If you’re planning on leaving a comment, please fill out this quick form so that we know how many comments to expect. If you’d like any assistance or have any questions about submitting a public comment, please contact CCFF at

Volunteer and Vote during CCFF and community elections!

Flex your voting muscle. Place your vote for new contracts, new union officers, new union bylaws, and more. Be sure the union has your personal email address. Voting ballots are only sent to faculty personal emails per board policy. Email your contact information to the CCFF Membership Chair at

A union election is coming up this spring 2021 for all ten of the Eboard positions and Jason, Hultman, CCFF Elections Committee Chair is looking for volunteers to help out by joining the Elections Committee.  The only qualifications are that you need to be a member of the union and are not running for an Eboard position.  This is a great opportunity to get involved in shared governance and serve our Cerritos College community of educators. If you think this is something that may interest you, contact the Chair at

Fill out surveys.
  • We value our members’ feedback, especially in times of COVID. When we know what faculty want, we can feel confident going after it. We’re here for you.
  • Gathering member feedback is also another way for us to maintain a democratic union.
Wear a union button of T-shirt.

Wear a union button or T-shirt.

CCFF pin Red CCFF T Shirt image

Attend a Board of Trustees meeting.

The Cerritos College Board of Trustees meets this Wednesday February 16 at 7:00 p.m. You may view the agenda and watch a live broadcast at

We encourage you to support President Wang by attending the live Cerritos College Board of Trustees Meetings. Agendas, meeting dates, and links are posted here!

All BOT meetings adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Support your CCFF President Wang by attending Cerritos College Faculty Senate Meetings

As stated in the Faculty Senate by-laws, the main purpose of the Senate is to:

  1. study, with assistance of as many faculty members as is feasible, matters related to academic and professional standards and affairs of the College; and
  2. make recommendations to the administration and/or Governing Board.

Faculty Senate meetings are held in the Cheryl A. Epple Board Room on Tuesdays (except the third Tuesday) during the fall and spring semester from 11:05 AM – 12:20 PM.

With “Stay-at-Home” orders in place, Senate meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Password: FS2020

All Faculty Senate meetings adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order.

Contact us at if you’d like to be an active member!