Be An Active Member

Do more with your union to help your faculty colleagues.

Here’s what you can do:

Attend a union meeting. 

Be fully informed about the activities, events, and campaigns the CCFF is actively engaged in.

Share union info with colleagues.
When you attend a public union meeting, share what was discussed there with a colleague. They’ll appreciate the inside info.
Show your support for union actions.

When the CCFF wants to show the community faculty and union solidarity and strength, we can come together for a rally. Join us! Wear a T-shirt and a CCFF pin for visual solidarity and support.


Flex your voting muscle. Place your vote for new contracts, new union officers, new union bylaws, and more. Be sure the union has your personal email address. Voting ballots are only sent to faculty personal emails per Board Policy.

Fill out a survey.

We value our members’ feedback. When we know what faculty want, we can feel confident going after it. We’re here for you.

Gathering member feedback is also another way for us to maintain a democratic union.

Wear a union button or T-shirt.


Attend a Board of Trustees meeting.


Serve as a union representative.


Contact us at if you’d like to be an active member!