CCFF Endorsement Consideration, Dr. Sandra Salazar

Dear Colleagues,

It is time to gear up for the 2016 Board Elections. The CCFF is set to decide if we are going to select, endorse, and support any of the Trustee candidates, and we are interested in hearing your feedback. But first, some of you may be wondering why endorse a candidate at all?

As we have learned over the years, a faculty-centered Board is a student-centered Board because it implies considering the needs and concerns of faculty and staff who are first in line to serve students. Likewise, learning conditions are tantamount to working conditions.  Hence, the success of our students is inextricably linked to our working conditions as well as the support of academic infrastructure. Given this, not supporting a candidate is passing on an occasion to show that we care about who is on the Board and the quality of education at Cerritos College.

The CCFF is strongly considering endorsing Dr. Sandra Salazar, a candidate for Trustee area 6 (please see Dr. Salazar’s letter to the union below). We thought it would be best to let the facts speak for themselves and have included Dr. Salazar’s voting scorecard.

Dr. Sandra Salazar SCORECARD

Issue Supported Opposed
CCFF seat at board meetings Y
Adding sections to Summer 2014, 2015 Y
Increasing Adjunct Pay (an additional step and two columns) Y
Increasing Faculty Pay (2.5%) Y
Lecture Lab Parity Y
Increased Sabbatical Funding Y
Board Members meeting with ASCC student leaders Y

As you can see, she has proven to consistently vote in favor of faculty, staff, and students. Given her record, the Executive Board is convinced that she is the right candidate for our Board.

With faculty salary and health benefit negotiations coming up and an incomplete contract to date, we need, more than ever, faculty-friendly board members. In politics, as the saying goes, “Early Money Is Like Yeast (EMILY).” As Dr. Salazar is seeking reelection, she wants to send a strong message to potential contenders of her support, hence her request for support so early in the game. CCFF’s support is critical for her to be the frontrunner amongst potential contenders.

I hope we will gain your approval in supporting Dr. Sandra Salazar as CCFF’s candidate for the 2016 Board of Trustee election.

Please contact me with your feedback at  The CCFF will make its decision by the end of this week, please provide your questions and comments before Thursday August 6th2015.


Solomon Namala
(President, CCFF)