CFT Convention Delegates

CCFF is pleased to announce the results of the election held last week. Union members voted to choose delegates to the statewide California Federation of Teachers convention.

Solomon Namala     53 votes
Carlos Arce              39
Sally Havice             28
Michelle Lewellyn    28 (write-in candidate)
Armando Soto            1 (write-in candidate)
Monica Bellas             1 (write-in candidate)

In all, 56 ballots were cast.

Since there was a tie for the third spot, the Executive Board decided to send the top four delegates to the convention, rather than three delegates as originally planned. (Given the size of the local, the CFT allows us to send 11 voting delegates. The Board is sending a smaller delegation to save travel funds.)

CCFF thanks everyone who voted in the election, and especially thank the above members for volunteering their time to go to Sacramento.