COVID-19 Faculty Resources

Dear faculty,

The CCFF COVID-19 Return to Campus Taskforce has designed an informative and frequently updated COVID-19 Faculty Quick Guide. We hope you find this resource to be helpful and relevant to your needs.

The Return to Campus Committee will put together and send out a survey modeled after Coastline College. Building ventilation continues to be a discussion item and issue of concern. Drop-ins are welcomed every Wednesday at 3pm.

Please contact the COVID-19 Return to Campus Co-Chairs, Dr. April Bracamontes ( or Dr. Pauline Acosta ( if you have any questions.

New Trauma Coverage from AFT to Empower Recovery

New trauma coverage from AFT to empower recovery

On April 1 the AFT introduced an innovative form of mental health care and support—trauma counseling. It is available to all CFT members, free of charge, at any time in the one-year aftermath of a traumatic incident. The no-cost benefit includes 24/7 therapy, connecting those who need it with a licensed, certified, master’s level (or higher) therapist with special training in post-traumatic care.

Traumas covered by this new insurance include:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Mass shootings/Terrorist acts
  • Major disaster

Traumas covered at work include:

  • Bullied, harassed or threatened
  • Witnessing a violent incident
  • Infected by contagious disease
  • Secondary trauma

To access the counseling benefit, visit the AFT member-only portal at or call Trauma Coverage toll-free at 1-855-631-1421.

Important note: If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and having thoughts of hurting yourself you should promptly call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or 911. You can learn more at the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.

Inside California Education TV series: focus on mental health

The Season 4 premier episode of the Inside California Education public TV series takes a powerful and poignant look at what educators and school staff are doing to improve the mental health of their students during the pandemic. The episode explores several innovative programs and approaches schools are utilizing to promote mental health, including how one teacher is using yoga to help her students balance their mental and physical health during the pandemic, and how one LA County school district benefits from having a mental health professional on every campus.

Finally, the episode highlights a new online suicide prevention training effort called LivingWorks Start, developed in partnership of the California Department of Education and San Diego County Office of Education. It’s available to help school districts and their students all over California.

CFT is proud to be a founding sponsor of the Inside California Education series.