Demand to Bargain

Victor Collins, Vice-President of Human Resources
Cerritos Community College District
11110 Alondra Blvd.,
Norwalk, CA 90650

Re: Demand to Bargain over Changes in Summer Calendar, 2012

Dear Victor:

Please accept this as the Cerritos College Faculty Federation, CFT Local 6215’s Demand to Bargain over the 2012 Summer scheduling. The District’s change, without bargaining, directly impacts mandatory subjects of bargaining, including calendar, workload, distribution of work and other related issues. PERB has long held that these subjects require bargaining over the decision itself and its effect (the second of which impacts summer earning, vacations, decisions to take other employment, etc.). The scope of bargaining that the parties previously engaged in did not encompass virtually any of the changes that have now been announced by the District.

At your earliest convenience, please provide me dates so that the parties can begin in earnest to remedy this situation. Furthermore, please provide the CCFF with all data the District relied upon in determining that its announced Summer scheduling and related workload was its preferred outcome. Since the CCFF does not know if you relied on anything, please identify whatever considerations and supporting documentation was used in coming to this conclusion. We will need this information within two weeks, or one week before we begin bargaining, whichever is sooner.

In the future, we continue to hope that the District can merely notify us and provide us an opportunity to bargain before it takes these matters public. Our relationship would be vastly improved under those conditions.

Very truly yours,

Ted Stolze, Ph.D., President
Cerritos College Faculty Federation,
CFT Local 6215