The District Can Afford CCFF Proposals

Dear colleagues,

In the last bargaining update, I presented the rationales for the three CCFF proposals:

·        Lecture-lab parity
·        Increase in part-time pay
·        COLA + (1.53% COLA plus 1.35% pay increase)

Tuesday, November 19th, the CCFF Executive Board will meet in SS 136 at 11:00 AM to present a picture of the college budget that shows that the District can afford the proposals.  In fact, once you see the analysis, you may marvel at the proposals’ modesty and the District’s reserves.

Also, Wednesday, November 13th, a number of faculty showed up for the CSEA-CCFF Meet and Greet and to fill the board room with support for the union proposals and in celebration of completing the accreditation report.  Those faculty who addressed the board on behalf of lecture-lab parity and an increase in part-time pay spoke eloquently, convincingly, and the board has extended the CCFF an invitation to a special closed session this Wednesday evening, November 20th, to present our proposals and budget analysis.

On a final note, we returned to the bargaining table last Thursday afternoon.  The District offered no counter proposal.  So, we reviewed the merits our proposal.

If you’d like to see how the District can afford to fund the CCFF proposals, come to the meeting, Tuesday, November 19th in SS 136 at 11:00 AM.

More to come,

Jack Swanson