Meet Your Executive Board Members

CCFF President

Dr. Lynn Wang

V.P. Full-Time Faculty

COVID-19 Return to Campus Committee Co-Chair

Dr. April Bracamontes

V.P. Part-Time Faculty & Grievance Co-Chair

Dr. Mariam Youssef


Timothy Chatman


Stephanie Rosenblant

Communications Chair

Dr. Henrietta Hurtado

Clifton Strenghts: Learner, Responsibility, Maximizer, Intellection, Significance

Full-Time Faculty Member at Large

George Jarrett

Part-Time Faculty Member at Large

Membership Committee Chair &

COVID-19 Return to Campus Commitee Co-Chair

Dr. Pauline Acosta

Non-Instructional Member at Large
& Grievance Co-Chair

Berenice Gallardo &

Committee on Political Education (COPE) Chair

Christopher Richardson

Lead Negotiator

Jay Elarcosa