Special CCFF President Election

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The CCFF Election Committee accepted nominations for the special election for CCFF President from August 24, 2020 – September 2, 2020 at midnight.  Each nomination was initially sent by the nominator to Ted Stolze (tstolze@cerritos.edu),Chair of the Special Election Committee. As individuals were nominated, the Election Committee requested posting names to this page. 

The reason for this special election is to select a person to complete the term vacated by former CCFF President, Stephanie Rosenblatt. This means that the person elected this fall will serve as CCFF President from no later than October 24 until the end of the last day of the 2020-2021 academic term. 

According to our bylaws, any CCFF member who has been a member for at least 45 days may run for President. 

If you would like additional information on the duties and responsibilities of the CCFF President, please see Article II, section 2 of our Bylaws

Electronic Voting In the CCFF Special Election

Any CCFF member can vote electronically in the special election for President from October 7-14, 2020. If you are a non-member, please join CCFF so you can vote by filling out the membership form.

Every vote counts!

Election Rules 

The election committee will hold an online candidate meeting on Friday, September 11. At that time election rules will be discussed and candidates will be able to ask questions.  

You can find information about the CCFF election rules by reviewing Article II, section 1 of our Bylaws. In addition to those rules, the election committee has also adopted the following: 

  • All nominations were posted to the CCFF website as they came in. 
  • The CCFF Membership Chair will confirm that all nominees have been members for at least 45 days prior to the election. 
  • Nominations for current members of the Election Committee will not be accepted. 
  • All union members who have been identified as current members of the bargaining unit by the District will be eligible to vote and will receive links to the electronic ballot via their Cerritos College email address. 
  • Candidates will be provided with a list of union members who are current members of the bargaining unit. This list will include campus email addresses for those members. Candidates will need to sign a nondisclosure agreement when they receive this information. 
  • Candidates may not send email messages to any faculty listserv. The only communications allowed about the election via the campus listserv will be those from the Election Committee that notify the campus community that the election is open, where to find candidate information, how to participate or view official candidate forums, and how to join the union in order to vote.  
  • If candidates wish to email union members, they must do so from an off-campus email address by emailing individuals’ campus addresses, not a listserv, as per our bylaws.  
  • The Election Committee will be notified of any members who join the union after candidates have already received a member list. The Election Committee will notify all candidates of any new union members as soon as possible.  
  • The membership list may be shared only with current CCFF members.
  • Only current CCFF members are allowed to campaign on behalf of a candidate. Such members need not be currently on assignment.
  • Only current CCFF members may endorse candidates.
  • Current CCFF executive board members may endorse a candidate, but they must do so solely in their capacity as individual union members.

Elections Committee Members

Ted Stolze
Elections Committee Chair
Jason HultmanElections Coordinator


Candidate NameNominator
Dr. Lynn WangDr. April Bracamontes
Dennis FalconDr. Solomon Namala

Important Dates 

Aug. 24 to Sep. 9 Nominations 
Sep. 11Candidates Meeting 
Sep. 25 @ 4 PMOfficial Candidate Forum
Oct. 7- 14Electronic Voting 

CandidatesBiographical Statements

Lynn Wang, Ed.D.

I am a full-time, tenured counselor who has worked at Cerritos College for six years. I am also an alumnus.

I have a demonstrated track record of serving our colleagues and community.

I am the current Member-at-Large/Non-Instructional and have worked on the negotiations and grievance teams on behalf of all faculty.  I helped start the UndocuAlly Task Force and have served on Student Equity, Employment Development, and Enrollment Management Committees.

Why am I running for CCFF President? We need a united faculty that trusts the Union if we want to be able to advocate on behalf of our students and improve our working conditions.  As President, building that trust will be central to everything I do.  Together we can create an equitable, respectful work environment where all of us can have access to health care, fairly assigned work schedules, and pay parity, regardless of where we are in our careers.

I promise to not just listen to your concerns and feedback, but to take action. I believe in our union and our values: Democracy, Transparency, Support, Fairness, and Dignity.

I have the skills and the experience as your next CCFF President. My ask: please vote for me!

Dennis Falcon

Cerritos College Experience:

Salary Committee (pre-CCFF)

Department Chair, Political Science, History

Faculty Senator

CCFF, Chairperson, Committee on Political Education (COPE)

Multiple Hiring Committees (Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty, Administration)

Faculty Evaluations (Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty)

Faculty Advisor to Various Student Organizations

I was teaching at Cerritos College on the morning of September 11, 2001, sharing the trauma of that day, and its aftermath, with colleagues and students ever since.  I was at the College during the economic collapse of 2008.  I am here now, experiencing this pandemic and disruptions that none of us could have ever predicted.  Uncertainty is the new normal.  The faculty represented by the CCFF need a Union that will organize, represent, protect, advocate, and bargain, from the strongest possible position now.

I have been tenured for over twenty years–I am not going anywhere.  Where I will be in the years ahead is not uncertain.

If elected President, a moan will be heard from the Board of Trustees and administration, “Oh sh_t!, now what?”  Because they know that I come with experience, and a vast network of friends and allies (on campus, and off), that will stand with us, the CCFF.

Watch the CCFF Presidential Candidates Forum: September 25, 2020

If you have any questions, please contact Ted Stolze (tstolze@cerritos.edu), Fall 2020 Election Committee Chair.