Communications Chair – Candidates’ Statements

1. Veronica Miranda

I’ve worked with the CCFF since 2015, beginning as an active volunteer, then joining the Executive Board in 2017 as the Communications Chair. I’d be honored to continue this work.

For me, serving as Comm Chair is both a responsibility and opportunity to establish a bridge— through communication and community-building—between the union and all faculty.

My main goals are to ensure faculty are informed about union activities, and that ideas, concerns, needs and struggles of faculty (especially those who struggle most) are addressed through union action.

During my term as Comm Chair, not only have I redesigned the union website, managed CCFF’s social media, been the union’s photographer, videographer, event flyer maker, button maker, Weingarten card designer, emailer, informational leaflet creator and contributing event coordinator, I’ve also served on the Web Standard’s Committee to ensure freedom of speech rights of faculty, staff, administrators and students. I’ve written a resolution (passed by the CFT) that is now a bill in the California Assembly. If passed as a new law, the workload cap of every California Community College (CCC) adjunct will be increased from 67% to 85%–allowing each adjunct to work an additional class at their individual colleges. These contributions are amongst many others.

And yet, there is so much more that could be done—more equity for adjuncts; creating a pipeline for part-time faculty, allowing for promotions to full-time faculty status; and preserving tenure by growing the full-time tenured faculty population toward a 75/25 full-time to part-time faculty ratio…to name only a few.

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2. Walter Fernández

My leadership & experience you can count on:

  • Full-time faculty member for 24 years
  • Chair of the History Department
  • CCFF Membership Chair during the founding years of the union:
    • Helped organized the first union rally (included the presence of media and local officials)
    • CCFF received a CFT award for membership recruitment
  • Former Faculty Senator for 10 years
  • Twice awarded Outstanding Faculty
  • Dedicated rank and file CCFF member participating in preparations for rallies, informational picketing, and speaking at the Board of Trustees meetings for our part-time faculty.

If elected you can expect prompt information, improved relations with allied organizations, and my energetic commitment to our faculty union.

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