Member-at-Large/Full-Time Faculty – Candidates’ Statements

1. George Jarrett

I have served on the CCFF executive board since 2012, with the past four presidents. I am currently Secretary of CCFF and serve on the Negotiations committee.

I am asking for your vote so I can serve as Member at Large, Full-time to sustain and build on our union’s recent successes in three ways:

  • First, the membership team is essential to the growth and success of our union. In the past two years, we have nearly doubled union membership, and built a strong foundation for the union to succeed. I am eager to help expand this this work as Member at Large, Full-time. I will bring my experience as a community organizer and data-wrangler to the leadership of the membership team.
  • Second, I want to help see negotiations on a new Resource Allocation Formula (RAF) through to conclusion. I was part of the team that introduced the RAF. The RAF has the potential to make everyone’s salaries and benefits at Cerritos more predictable, and make negotiations less contentious.
  • Third, I will continue to advocate for equity for part-time faculty. All faculty should have equitable pay; all faculty should have a voice in shared governance; and part-time faculty should be equal partners with full-time faculty in the leadership of CCFF.

Please vote for the Part-Time/Full-Time Unity Slate. Let’s stay the course!

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2. Mark Olague

(No statement received)

3. Angela Hoppe-Nagao

My leadership & experience you can count on:

  • Full-time faculty member for over 20 years
  • Speech Department Chair
  • Faculty Senator for over ten years, including serving as Senate Vice-President
  • Campus leadership through the years includes Learning Communities Coordinator,
  • Chair of Technology-Based Learning Committee, Faculty Hiring Prioritization task-force, Program Review, Curriculum Committee, member Guided Pathways Advisory Committee
  • Certified Conflict Mediator, Cultural Intelligence Trainer, and Unconscious Bias Trainer
  • Outstanding Senator of the Year 2009, 2017, and 2018
  • Most Outstanding Faculty of the Year 2012 and 2019

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