Member-at-Large/Non-instructional Faculty­ – Candidates’ Statements

1. Berenice Gallardo

My name is Berenice Gallardo, I am running for the position of non-instructional faculty representative for CCFF.

I have been working at Cerritos College since the Summer of 2013. In my time at Cerritos I have transitioned from a part time faculty member to a full time faculty member. I appreciate and value all of my colleagues and am truly happy to be at Cerritos College.

I stepped in to the role of full time non-instructional representative this past Fall 2018 because there was a need for us to be represented and I had the opportunity to step forward and steward our causes and concerns with the collaboration and input from my fellow colleagues.

I am a very collaborative person, I respect others and do my best to represent the interest and viewpoints of my constituents. As a faculty member in the Counseling department I serve on various committees mainly dealing with our charge of Student Success and Support Services and serve as a lead for Virtual Counseling services. I am innovative and forward thinking, I pride myself in having an open mind and disposition.

I hope to continue to represent non-instructional faculty.

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2. Brittany Lundeen

My leadership & experience you can count on:

  • Faculty member for 18 years (3 years part-time and 15 years full-time)
  • Co-Director Cerritos College Transfer Center for 15 years
  • Chair of Transfer Center Directors (region 8) and Regional Representative to the Chancellor’s Office for 4 years
  • Faculty Senator for over 3 years
  • Faculty Senate representative on Student Equity committee and Enrollment Management committee
  • Advisory Committee member Guided Pathways
  • Advisory Committee member Guided Pathways Exploratory Committee.

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