Member-at-Large/Part-Time Faculty – Candidates’ Statements

1. Martin Salgado

My leadership & experience you can count on:

  • Proud part-time instructor at Cerritos and Cypress College for over 3 years.
  • Faculty Senator representing part-time faculty and ensuring part-time experiences and concerns are heard.
  • Planning and Budget Committee member
  • Elected CCFF Delegate for the past two California Federation of Teachers Conferences representing our CCFF Local
  • Twice elected delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee for Assembly District 74.

I would be honored to continue to serve and represent part-time faculty as your Member-At-Large Part-Time representative. VOTE FOR MARTIN SALGADO!

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2. Ralph Castellanos

My name is Ralph Castellanos and I am running for part-time member at large (PT-MAL).

As a former Cerritos College student, and current adjunct faculty member, the issues that impact our students and faculty sit at the heart of my motivation to improve our situations across the board. Learning conditions are teaching conditions. I believe the circumstances of our understaffed departments, underpaid employees, and under budgeted programs directly impact the quality of education our students receive.

As an adjunct professor of Speech Communication, and speech and debate coach, I bring to the table many years of experience discussing controversial topics and providing solutions to complex problems. Furthermore, it is salient that our members feel that their voices are heard, and interests represented.

All groups benefit from bringing in new members, and I believe continuous recruitment of part-time members is vital to a strong union. Equal pay for equal work, healthcare for all, equity for all student groups, and safety for our campus are issues that matter to me personally.

I’ve been an active union member by participating in recruiting efforts and getting students involved in board of trustee meetings. A few of my previous students are creating a student group focused on an alliance with faculty in the hopes that we can work together to solve the issues that impact us all.

Overall, I am honored for the nomination and I sincerely appreciate this opportunity. Thank you!

3. Pauline Acosta

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I teach and that I’m a union organizer.

I believe that unions are made–one person and one conversation at a time.  That’s what organizing is, really, having conversations with members and non-members alike and finding out what types of concerns they have around working and teaching conditions.

My goal has been to establish a tradition of organizing in our local union, and we are well on our way of doing so. We now have three eBoard positions dedicated to organizing (the At-Large positions), a dedicated group of department reps, one membership drive every semester—along with several mini-drives, and various member outreach activities every semester. We developed a great membership system this semester!

I believe in the work that we do, and I am honored to have served the campus community in this capacity alongside the hard-working membership team and support from CFT.

If elected Member-At-Large, Part-Time, I will continue to serve the full-time and part-time members, and advocate for part-time / full-time unity.

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