President – Candidates’ Statements

1. Stephanie Rosenblatt

Our union is more than just a negotiations committee. The contract is a manifestation of our collective power, which is increased by the strength of our connections with the larger community of students, elected officials, labor leaders, and worker-friendly trustees. We can’t “magic” this power into being.  It is slowly built. We build this power when we spend time talking and listening to each other; when we work to connect people with the same issues or dreams so they can work collectively towards a solution.

In the last two years we grew from 378 to 672 members, made sure our trustees and local elected officials know who we are and the struggles we’re having, collaborated with the CFT and Los Angeles Federation of Labor. This year that work yielded dividends: We were finally able, after 16 years, to get most of our working conditions in the contract.  We got an excellent raise, repelled a two-tiered healthcare system, and made historic gains for part-time faculty. We helped propel a bill to the state assembly that would increase the units part-timers can teach. And more people are engaged with the union than I have seen before. More than 50 of you volunteered to help the union this year, 21 candidates are running for office.

We need connection and engagement to keep our union strong. The Part-Time/Full-Time Unity slate will continue this work. Scroll through our Facebook page to review what we’ve done:

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2. Solomon Namala

My leadership & experience you can count on:

  • Full-time faculty member for 20 years
  • Economics Department Chair for 7 years
  • CCFF President for 4 years
  • CCFF Treasurer for 2 years
  • CCFF Negotiating team for 6 years
  • Former Faculty Senator for 4 years
  • Planning & Budget Committee member for 10 years
  • Outstanding Faculty of the Year 2005 and 2013.

My goals:

  • To lead a union that is inclusive, democratic and serves the interests of all faculty be they part-time or full-time, non-instructional or instructional
  • To create a work environment that is fulfilling for all faculty as well as one that is a transformative learning environment for our students.

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