Treasurer – Candidates’ Statements

1. Ralph Casas

Growing up in a family with a strong labor background and social justice roots, I have seen closeup the importance of collective action and its positive effect on communities.  Unions have instilled in me a value for transparency, integrity, engagement, and the importance of an open and democratic leadership.

I was appointed to the eBoard after the former treasurer resigned.  From the beginning, I observed that this team embodies the many values needed in a labor organization.  Each officer actively participates in the work of the union; they are hardworking; they are cohesive and function as a team; and they uphold and promote the principles of fiscal transparency, openness, integrity, and honesty.

During the past year, we have expanded our advocacy work to all faculty, added and organized new members, and lead the fight to protect the rights of faculty.

As treasurer, I am responsible for overseeing the management of the budget; validate budgetary priorities, and communicate the financial position of the union to our members.  I will continue to work to ensure proper oversight and financial responsibility of our organization to make sure our funds continue to be spent wisely.

In addition to my role as treasurer, I am also a division representative, actively support the membership team, and strongly advocate part-time / full-time unity.

Real strength stems from active member participation and communication; our successes continue only because of record member participation.  With your vote, I pledge to continue the grassroots work that we have started.

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2. Teresa Alenikov

My leadership & experience you can count on:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 28 years
  • Full-time faculty member for 17 years
  • Accounting/Finance Department Chair
  • Former Faculty Senator
  • Previously served as CCFF Treasurer for 6 years
  • During my tenure as treasurer:
    • No errors or omissions to our accounting records or financial statements were noted in the annual audits by the AFT
    • CCFF cash reserves increased 218%, from $72,000 to over $290,000.

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