Cerritos College Faculty Federation

CB 112
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, CA  90650

Name Office/Committee Department Contact For… Email
Stephanie Rosenblatt President, Grievance, Negotiations, Membership Library All questions union-related, esp. if you don’t know who to ask
Kimberly Rosenfeld Vice President FT, Negotiations Chair Speech Communication Questions related to all matters of negotiations, incl. present contract, contract implementation, next round of negotiations & negotiation processes and procedures
Bobbi-Lee Smart Vice President PT, Grievance, Negotiations, Membership Sociology All issues related to part-time faculty
George Jarrett Secretary, Negotiations History Questions about past votes or policies (as he is in charge of minutes), election practices & processes, negotiations related to health benefits
Terri Alenikov Treasurer Business Administration Questions about the union budget (past & present)
Lyndsey Lefebvre COPE Chair, Negotiations, Grievance English Questions about the union’s political strategy, use of COPE funds, BOT elections, individual BOT member’s voting histories & how to join the COPE committee
Debbie Jensen Membership Chair Physical Education & Kinesiology Questions about membership, how to become a member, mobilizing members & member involvement
Cynthia Lavariere Grievance Chair Speech Communication Questions and issues (potential and confirmed) related to violation of our contract, the grievance process, filing a grievance
Veronica Miranda Communications Chair English Questions about the union website, social media, emails & informational handouts
Jay Elarcosa Negotiations, Grievance Business Administration Questions about grievance and negotiations related to salary schedules and grievance procedures
Amy Holzgang Negotiations Sociology Questions related to negotiations, viz. the assignment article & Success Center
Tor Lacy FT Member at Large Earth Science Issues related to membership, grievance or negotiations for FT
Pauline Acosta PT Member at Large Sociology Issues related to membership, grievance or negotiations for PT
Irv Bartikofsky Non-Instructional Member at Large Disabled Programs & Services (DSPS) Issues related to membership grievance or negotiations for librarians, counselors, instructional specialists & adult ed