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Fall 2022 CCFF Eboard Meetings and ZOOM Links

  • CCFF Eboard Meeting, 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 9:00 am to 10:30 am
  • CCFF Public Eboard Meeting, 3rd Tuesday of the month, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

CCFF Regular Eboard Meetings, 2nd and 4th Monday of the month,9:00 am to 10:30am









Fall 2022 Regular Meetings Agendas and Minutes



9/20/22- AGENDA

9/26/22- AGENDA

Fall Stipend_Release Time 2022

10/10/22- AGENDA



CCFF Spring Stipend_Release Time – Spr 23

CCFF Public Eboard Meeting, 3rd Tuesday of the month, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm





2022 CCFF Eboard Meetings and Zoom Links

  • Regular Eboard Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 8:00 am to 9:30 am
  • Public Eboard Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

8 am to 9:30 am- Regular Eboard Meetings (Mondays)










11 am to 12:30 pm- Public Eboard Meetings (3rd Tuesday of the month)






Spring 2022

January 10 (Mon) 8:00-9:30a. AGENDA MINUTES

January 18 (Tues) 11-12:30p. AGENDA MINUTES

January 24 (Mon) 8-9:30a. AGENDA  MINUTES

February 7 (Mon) 8-9:30a. AGENDA MINUTES

February 15 (Tues) 11-12:30p. AGENDA MINUTES

February 28 (Tues) 8-9:30a. AGENDA  MINUTES

March 7 (Mon) 8-9:3-a. AGENDA MINUTES

March 10 (Fri) 12:30-1p. MINUTES

April 11 (Mon) 8-9:30a. AGENDA MINUTES

April 19 (Tues) 11-12:30p. AGENDA MINUTES

April 25 (Wed) 8:03-9:01a. MINUTES

May 17 (Tues) 11-12:30p. AGENDA & MINUTES

Fall 2021

August 23 (Mon) 9:15-10:45a. AGENDA MINUTES

September 13 (Mon) 9:15-10:45a. AGENDA MINUTES

September 21 (Tues) 11:00-12:30p. AGENDA MINUTES

September 27 (Mon) 9:15-10:45a. AGENDA MINUTES

October 11 (Mon) 9:15-10:45a. AGENDA MINUTES

October 19 (Tues) 11:00-12:30p. AGENDA MINUTES

October 25 (Mon) 9:15-10:45a. AGENDA MINUTES

November 8 (Mon) 9:15-10:45a. AGENDA MINUTES

Spring 2022 Release Time_Stipend Request CCFF

November 16 (Tues) 11:00-12:30p. AGENDA 

November 22 (Mon) 9:15-10:45a. AGENDA

December 13, 2021 (Mon) 9:15-10:45a. AGENDA

Spring 2021

JAN 11 (Mon) 9:30-11:00a. AGENDA  MINUTES

JAN 19 (Tues) 11:00-12:30p. MINUTES MINUTES

JAN 25 (Mon) 9:30-10:00a. AGENDA MINUTES

JAN 27 (Wed) 5:00 – 6:00p. AGENDA MINUTES

JAN 29 (Fri) 12:30-3:00p. MINUTES MINUTES

Financial Docs Request Policy

February 8 (Mon) 9:30-11:00a. AGENDA  MINUTES

February 16 (Tues) 11:00-12:30p. AGENDA  MINUTES

February 22 (Mon) 9:30a. AGENDA   MINUTES

March 8 (Tues) 9:30-11:00a. AGENDA  MINUTES

March 22 (Mon) 9:30-11:00a. AGENDA MINUTES

April 5 (Mon) 9:30a-11:00a. AGENDA MINUTES

April 20 (Tues) 11:00a-12:30p. AGENDA MINUTES

April 26 (Mon) 9:30a-11:30a. AGENDA MINUTES

May 10 (Mon) 9:30a-11:30a. AGENDA MINUTES

May 18 (Tues) 11:00a-12:30p. AGENDA  MINUTES

FALL 2020

AUG 18 (Tues) 11:00-12:30p. AGENDA  MINUTES

AUG 24 (Mon) 9:30-11:00a.  AGENDA MINUTES

SEP 15 (Tues) 11:00-12:30p. AGENDA MINUTES

September 21 (Mon) 11:00-12:30p. AGENDA MINUTES

October 5 (Mon) 9:30-11:00a. AGENDA 

Statement from Veronica Miranda, CCFF Co-President/VP Part-Time & Opinion Letter re Dual Service in Union and Senate Officer Positions

“We oppose the proposed Senate bylaws change 1.6, which, if passed, would restrict faculty from participating both in Senate leadership and as a union officer, simultaneously. This is because it (1) restricts and violates faculty protected rights and freedoms to participate in shared governance and labor organizations, (2) it creates an unnecessary tension in the union-senate relationship, (3) discourages faculty from participating in either shared governance or the union, and (4) encroaches on the Union’s ability and right to set its own criteria for choosing its own officers—the criteria of which can only be altered at the Annual Membership Meeting by a majority vote of present faculty, both full-time and part-time.

  • The rationale for the passage of the proposed Senate bylaws change is severely flawed.
  • There is no precedent for this restriction, and such a restriction is not past practice.
  • There is also no conflict of duty, since the duty of both bodies is to represent the interests of faculty.
  • Having a Senate leader working with the union would not blur the lines between their respective purviews. On the contrary, it would better reinforce them because the officers of each body could point out whether an issue was Senate or Union related.

The argument that a Senate leader working on the grievance committee would lead to an adverse relationship with the District is untrue. Most grievance officers never interact with the District directly. As the Senate President, however, interactions with the District are frequent. As the Senate President holds the duty of ensuring faculty interests are served, she, at times, must be firm. This doesn’t mean, though, that she creates an adverse relationship with the District. As a leader, whether with the Union or the Senate, striking a balance between firmness and collegiality is vital to working with the District for faculty interests. Even if a Senate leader interacted with the District on behalf of the CCFF grievance committee, they would bring their experience of diplomacy and tact to serve faculty. And, there is no better person to represent faculty than a tested leader.

These are the reasons why a conflict of duty does not exist and why placing a restriction on faculty participation in shared governance and labor organizations is unjust, unreasonable, and not in the best interest of faculty.”

October 20 (Tues) AGENDA  MINUTES

October 26 (Mon) AGENDA    MINUTES

November 9 (Mon) AGENDA.   MINUTES

Release Time and Stipend Request

November 17 (Tues) AGENDA  MINUTES

November 23 (Mon) AGENDA  MINUTES

December 7 (Mon)  AGENDA   MINUTES

December 15 (Tues) AGENDA  MINUTES

December 23 (Wed) AGENDA  MINUTES

EEO Policy

CCFF Fall Executive Board Zoom Meetings Calendar

Date Time Meeting Zoom Link
Tue, Aug 18 11a-12:30p Public EB Mtg
Mon, Aug 24 9:30-11a EB Mtg
Tue, Sep 15 11a-12:30p Public EB Mtg
Mon, Sep 21 9:30-11a EB Mtg
Mon, Oct 5 9:30-11a EB Mtg
Tue, Oct 20 11-12:30p Public EB Mtg
Mon, Oct 26 9:30-11a EB Mtg
Mon, Nov 9 9:30-11a EB Mtg
Tue, Nov 17 11-12:30p Public EB Mtg
Mon, Nov 23 9:30-11a EB Mtg
Mon, Dec 7 9:30-11a EB Mtg
Tue, Dec 15 11-12:30p Public EB Mtg


JAN 13 (Mon) 9:30-11a          AGENDA        MINUTES

JAN 21 (Tue) 11a-12:30p        AGENDA       MINUTES

JAN 27 (Mon) 9:30-11a          AGENDA        MINUTES

FEB 10 (Mon) 9:30-11a           AGENDA        MINUTES

FEB 18 (Tue) 11a-12:30p         AGENDA

FEB 24 (Mon) 9:30-11a          AGENDA        MINUTES

MAR 9 (Mon) 9:30-11a           AGENDA        MINUTES

MAR 17 (Tue) 11a-12:30p

MAR 23 (Mon) 9:30-11a        AGENDA        MINUTES

MAR 30 (Mon) 9:30-11a        AGENDA        MINUTES

APR 8 (Wed) 4:00p

APR 13 (Mon) 9:30-11a          AGENDA

APR 21 (Tue) 11a-12:30p

27 (Mon) 9:30-11a.                                         MINUTES

MAY 1 (Fri) 1-2p.                        AGENDA      MINUTES

MAY 11 (Mon) 9:30-11am.        AGENDA      MINUTES

MAY 19 (Tue) 11:00-12:30 PM  AGENDA.     MINUTES

MAY 29 (Fri) 9:30-11:00 AM    AGENDA      MINUTES

JUNE 19 (Fri) 9:30-11:00 AM  AGENDA



FALL 2019

AUG 26 (Mon) 9:30-11a    AGENDA

SEP 9 (Mon) 9:30-11a        AGENDA

SEP 17 (Tue) 11a-12:15p    AGENDA          MINUTES         OTHER DOCS: STIPEND/RELEASE TIME

SEP 23 (Mon) 9:30-11a      AGENDA        MINUTES

OCT 7 (Mon) 9:30-10:15a    AGENDA      MINUTES

OCT 15 (Mon) 9:30-11a       AGENDA      MINUTES

OCT 28 (Mon) 9:30-11a      AGENDA       MINUTES

NOV 19 (Tue) 11a-12:15p     AGENDA      MINUTES

NOV 25 (Mon) 9:30-11a      AGENDA      MINUTES

DEC 3 (Tue) 7-9p                AGENDA                   MINUTES

DEC 9 (Mon) 9:30-11a        AGENDA        OTHER DOC: CCFF E-board Statement on CCFF-Faculty Senate Compact & Faculty Evaluation

DEC 16 (Mon) 9:30-11:50a      MINUTES

DEC 17 (Tue) 11a-12:15p        CANCELLED

DEC 18 (Wed) 9:30-11:50p     MINUTES


FEB 11 (Mon) 9:30-11a         AGENDA

FEB 19 (Tue) 11a-12:30p      PUBLIC MEETING       LC 134        AGENDA

FEB 25 (Mon) 9:30-11a        AGENDA

MAR 11 (Mon) 9:30-11a       AGENDA

MAR 25 (Mon) 9:30-11a      CANCELLED

APR 8 (Mon) 9:30-11a          AGENDA

APR 16 (Tue) 11a-12:30p      CANDIDATE FORUM       FA        AGENDA

APR 22 (Mon) 9:30-11a        AGENDA

MAY 6 (Mon) 9:30-11a         AGENDA

MAY 13 (Mon) 9:30-11a        AGENDA

MAY 21 (Tue) 11a-12:30p     PUBLIC MEETING        CANCELLED

Spring 2018

JAN 10 (Wed) 9:30 -11a

JAN 16 (Tue) 11a – 12:30p      PUBLIC MEETING       LC 218

JAN 25 (Thu) 12:30 – 2p

JAN 26 (Fri) 9a – 1p          ANNUAL MEETING     (learn more)   COME JOIN US!

FEB 7 (Wed) 9:30 – 11a

FEB 13 (Tue) 11a – 12:30p       PUBLIC MEETING

FEB 22 (Thu) 12:30 – 2p

MAR 7 (Wed) 9:30 – 11a

MAR 20 (Tue) 11a – 12:30p       PUBLIC MEETING

MAR 29 (Thu) 12:30 -2p

APR 4 (Wed) 9:30 -11a

APR 17 (Tue) 11a-12:30p       PUBLIC MEETING

APR 26 (Thu) 12:30-2p

MAY 2 (Wed) 9:30a – 11a

MAY 10 (Thu) 1 – 2p

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