Membership Dues

What Are Membership Dues?

  • Dues are those funds that the union draws from to perform its obligations to its members.
  • Membership dues are automatically deducted from monthly paychecks of all faculty members.
  • The amount is the same for each month. Full-time faculty members contribute $115.18. Part-time faculty members contribute $28.18 for 2021-22.
  • No dues are collected during the summer. They are only automatically deducted from paychecks for the 10-month academic year.
  • Dues are not collected from anyone who does not have a class assignment for any given semester.
  • Dues amount to a very small percentage of annual income for both full-time and part-time faculty.
  • It is the union’s goal to keep dues down to a manageable and fair amount for faculty to pay. It is also the union’s goal to maintain an amount that is adequate enough to fund the day-to-day operations of an active faculty union.
  • Member dues do not fund political activities. Political activities are funded through separate, voluntary COPE donations. In comparison, membership dues are used to pay for office supplies, legal expenses, stipends & release time for the work—including negotiations and grievances—that union officers perform.
  • The CCFF takes every step to use member funds wisely. It is our goal to employ funds so that they ultimately benefit faculty.
  • Note: Dues can sometimes be increased as the union grows and performs more work for its members. If a dues increase is necessary, the union will propose the increase to all members, so that they may weigh in and vote on this change. Ultimately, it is up to members to choose whether a dues increase takes effect.