Negotiations Update #2 (1 Dec 2017)

Here are the most recent developments in negotiations.
Friday, Dec 1, the CCFF met again with the District, where several more items were exchanged and discussed. The meeting went well.
The CCFF presented five items—two new articles, one update, and two counter proposals.
CCFF Items
New Items
  • Just Cause – The Just Cause article outlines standards for faculty discipline and investigation procedures.
  • Academic Rank, Faculty Seniority and Faculty Service Areas – This article provides definitions, provisions and processes for academic rank, faculty seniority and faculty service areas. The article duplicates the same sections of the old faculty handbook.
  • Part-Time Evaluation – This item updates Article 16 (16.6) of the current Faculty Contract, which addresses part-time evaluation procedures. The item will clarify the part-time evaluation process to ensure consistency and fairness.
Counter Proposals
  • Counter Proposal to District’s update to Article 13, which outlines Part-Time Rehire Rights
  • Counter Proposal to District’s update to Article 11, which addresses Department Chairs
The District presented one item:
District Item
  • Changes to the Department Chair/Program Director Article (Article 11)
The next negotiation meeting is this Friday, Dec 8. CCFF will present at least three new articles, and expects three counters from the District.
The District will counter the Assignment article at the first meeting in January (Fri, Jan 12).