Negotiations Update #3 (8 Dec 2017)

Negotiations Update
CCFF representatives and the District met on Friday, December 8, for the last bargaining session of the semester. CCFF is happy to report that we have reached tentative agreement on two articles, and are productively working through additional subjects which will be part of the new contract.
CCFF presented
  • Assignment Article: Q&A with coaches, to clarify coaching section of article
  • Changes to Article XXI: Pregnancy Disability Leave, will now be Parental Leave, to improve the leave in accordance with AB 2393
  • New language on CCFF payroll deductions
District presented:
  • Counter to Article XI, Department Chairs
  • Counter to article on Full-Time Faculty Seniority and Faculty Service Areas
Tentative Agreements reached:
  • Article XI, Department Chairs
  • Article VI, Full-Time Faculty Seniority
Salary and health and welfare benefits will be taken up in the Spring.
Bargaining will resume on January 12, 2018.
Subject: 16-Week Calendar Update
We are happy to report that CCFF and the District have signed the 16 week calendar MOU. (Click here to see a copy.) Included in the MOU is a tentative timeline for next spring, including when we can expect the financial analysis to be completed so the process can move forward. We were also able to sign off on 4 years of 18-week academic calendars with the understanding that the calendars will change once a 16-week calendar is adopted. Furthermore, the Saturday and Sunday of both President’s weekend and Thanksgiving were clarified as non-instructional days. In other words, the campus is open on these weekends but classes do not meet.  Finally, the MOU clarifies the scope of the calendar committee’s work which will include completing the required documents and information as appropriate to submit to the Chancellor’s Office, as well as deciding on the pattern and the final 16 week calendar dates.
If you have any questions about negotiations or the 16-week calendar, please contact CCFF’s Vice President (and acting President from 12/14-1/3) Kimberly Rosenfeld at
CCFF Annual Meeting
The CCFF Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, January 26 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm in LC 155. Any member wishing to propose changes to our bylaws or constitution to be voted on at that meeting must present those proposed changes at the CCFF Executive Board Meeting that will be held on Wednesday, January 10 at 9:30 am in LC 135.  Those members who wish to propose changes but cannot attend that meeting can send their proposed changes to Stephanie Rosenblatt ( by 8:00 am Wednesday, January 10.  

You can view our current bylaws and constitution here.

Only members can propose and vote on amendments to the CCFF constitution and bylaws.  Only members can attend the annual meeting.  If you have questions about your membership status please email Debbie Jensen, ( Membership Chair.