Negotiations Update #4

The Union and the District met to continue the negotiations last Fri, Mar 2.

Below you will find a brief summary of items explained and discussed at this meeting.

Coaches (addressed by Chris Richardson and Dean Grosfeld)

To continue discussing issues related to coaches, Chris Richardson and Dean Grosfeld returned to explain workload and how it is divided among athletics and classroom hours for Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and the Weight Room Coordinator. Also discussed were reassigned time, stipends/adult hourly pay for part-time coaches.


For counselors in General Counseling and DSPS, duties, responsibilities, reassigned time, scheduling, workload, and how workload is divided among student contact time and non-student contact time was explained.


Assignment periods and scheduling was discussed.

All Other Instructional Faculty

For all other instructional faculty, flex obligation, new course writer rights, and Distance Education were discussed.

Part-Time Faculty.

For part-time faculty, reassignment, stipends, and interview rights were discussed.


Access to mailboxes and office space were briefly discussed.


The next negotiations will be Fri, Mar 9.