Negotiations Update – Jan 17, 2019

Subject: CCFF Negotiations Update – Impasse is still on

CCFF and the District met this week in good faith with the hopes of reaching an agreement on salary, health care, and all other monetary items currently open for 2018-2019.

Although we are close to an agreement on salary and health care, the District has tied any agreement made for year one (2018-19) to the adoption of a Resource Allocation Formula (RAF) for years two (2019-2020) and three (2020-2021).

Based on the model used in the San Diego Community College District, a RAF sets a predetermined % of any budget increase that will go to each employee group. Any such formula would need to be negotiated. Because a RAF would only work with the support of all constituent groups, including the President and Board, the District has rightfully invited ACME, CSEA and Confidential employees to join the conversation. This conversation will start this Friday, January 18th.

Given the complexity of moving to a RAF model, we requested that, provided we were able to reach an agreement this week, we sign off on negotiations for 2018-2019, with the District providing the improvements in salary and benefits for full- and part-time faculty that we have negotiated. We would then immediately open negotiations on years two and three, which would include the RAF and the assignment article.  Signing off on year one would allow adequate time to work through the RAF and allow for salary and health care updates. The District staunchly rejected this idea.

They have consistently proposed that if we cannot agree to the RAF we would need to begin negotiations for salary and benefits all over again – including year one — the year we are currently in. 

CCFF cannot meaningfully move forward with a comprehensive, thorough and carefully considered RAF under the pressure of coming to an agreement by this spring. As many faculty know who have worked to implement new initiatives and policies, such matters take time. Closing year one would allow all parties to avoid working on borrowed time to get this done. Rather, we could open year two this February; a full five months in advance of its start (July 1, 2019). We believe this is the clean, fair and right way to approach the RAF for all constituent groups.

The District has the money to cover this year one agreement, yet is making it contingent. CCFF wants to avoid having our year one deal held hostage or used to rush an agreement on a RAF model–which could take considerable time to do right. 

So, despite our best efforts, we remain at impasse.

What can you do?

Continue to show solidarity and support for negotiations by wearing RED every Wednesday until we close this contract. (You’ll get more information about additional actions soon.)

If you have questions about negotiations, come to our annual meeting next Friday, January 25, from 12:30-3:30 in LC 134. You can find more information about the agenda and register using this link.

Support UTLA – Walk the Picket Line

This morning a small group of us joined the teachers and parents at Tweedy Elementary to walk their picket line.  We walked with teachers and parents and students. (We also enjoyed homemade muffins and posole.  They know how to strike.)

You really need to go out and join the teachers there or at another LAUSD school so you can appreciate the passion and energy they are bringing to this fight and to begin to understand the power of collective action.

We’ve adopted Tweedy Elementary at 9724 Pinehurst, South Gate, CA 90280.  We picked a school in South Gate because we serve that area.  You can show up there any morning from 7:30 am – 9:00 am or 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm to join their picket line, which is really like a dance party, even in the rain. Let’s make sure our fellow educators know we support them in this important fight.  

In Unity,

Stephanie Rosenblatt

CCFF President