Negotiations Update – Nov 30, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

CCFF is at impasse in negotiations. We have been meeting with the District to negotiate this contract since November 2017. Our prior contract expired July 1, 2018. On the Assignment article alone, we have exchanged proposals with the District over 10 times.

The District has informed CCFF that it will present the Union’s most recent salary proposal to the Board on December 12. If after that meeting the District fails to accept the proposal or provide a different, meaningful offer, then the parties will be at impasse.

At that point, CCFF will ask the District to join it in seeking the state’s Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to confirm impasse.


Salary and Benefits

On Salary, we presented our first proposal in March, and they did not present their first counter until June. Since then, we have met consistently to discuss salary and health benefits in both formal negotiations and informal sidebars.

The District continues to falsely claim to faculty and the public that it cannot afford to move from its position on salary, or its unnecessary and unfair proposed cap on full-time health benefits. This is simply not the case, as the District has received its largest budget increase in decades. The District has no justification whatsoever for this position, and CCFF refuses to accept any salary proposals that fail to provide meaningful compensation for faculty.



On Assignment, the District wants to increase the scheduled working hours for counselors, instructional specialists, and librarians, without proposing any additional compensation or other concessions. The District has failed to provide any legitimate justification for these proposals.

Quite simply, these proposals are unnecessary, unfair, and would make it impossible for these faculty to do their jobs with the same standards of excellence. They would harm students and faculty.

So far, the District has refused to reconsider this position even after multiple meetings where counselors and librarians explained how this would impact their work and the quality of the services they provide to our students.

After a year, the District has finally become willing to write down the work rules for athletic coaches but has so far refused to document how these colleagues are paid for their coaching responsibilities. So, they are finally willing to write down what coaches must do, but not how much they will be paid to do it. This is a nonstarter, as it would allow the District to manipulate and take advantage of these faculty.


Next Steps

Because of our strong desire to come to an agreement without going to impasse or preparing for a strike or other job action should impasse fail, we have agreed to wait for the administration to bring our proposals to the trustees at their meeting on Wednesday, December 12. We hope the Trustees will take a good faith look at the proposals and would welcome proposals or ideas from the District’s team, based on the trustees’ feedback.

If, however, there is no change in the District’s position, it will be time to go to the state’s Public Employee Relations Board and file for impasse.


Impasse and Strike Process

Once the State confirms the parties for impasse, it will begin a process where the State provides mediation and fact finding to attempt to resolve negotiations. The State will:

  1. Assign a mediator who will work with the two teams to find a compromise.


  1. If that process is not successful, there is an advisory hearing called fact finding, where each side presents its proposals for the advisory panel to consider. The panel then provides a draft advisory recommendation for the parties’ consideration.


  1. After a ten-day period to allow a final attempt to settle, the arbitrator’s recommendation is made public. At that point the Board of Trustees can impose the District’s last, best, and final offer on faculty and faculty have the right to strike or take other related job actions.

No strike can occur without a prior authorization vote which is open to all union members. The Union will continue to take all possible steps to attempt to resolve negotiations and would only call for a post-impasse strike if absolutely necessary.


What Can You Do?

Please continue to show visible support for our efforts by wearing red on Wednesdays.

Make sure you’re a union member so we can demonstrate our unity and strength and you can vote on any actions we take. Sign up now.

The trustees will consider our proposals during closed session at the 12/12 meeting. We are not asking you to show up at that meeting and we’re not organizing any public comments for that session.  They already know what we want and need in order to continue to do our jobs and serve our students.


In Unity,