Negotiations Update – Sep 4, 2018

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 Negotiations Update

Thanks to the strong faculty presence at Convocation on 8/30, the union saw the district become more receptive to our counter-proposals on salary and health benefits.

Of course, talk at the table is only meaningful if it results in changes in writing in the next district counter-proposal, so keep up the visibility. Every Wednesday is “red shirt Wednesday.” Don’t forget your red shirt on September 5. If you haven’t picked up your 2018-model CCFF t-shirt, contact your division’s union rep or fill out this form.  (If you want to see some of your colleagues “rock” the red, visit our Facebook page.)


On salary, the union re-stated its commitment to gaining COLA plus a % increase for all faculty for each of the three years of the contract. The union intends to hold the district to its past promise to pass COLA through to all faculty salary schedules. Central to the union proposal is a system to move part-time instructional faculty to a salary schedule derived by a parity formula from the full-time schedule. This would be more fair–both part-time and full-time faculty would be compensated for their education and experience in the same number of columns and, eventually, steps. This is in line with what many local community colleges have already done.

Health and Welfare

On healthcare, the union re-stated its fundamental opposition to a two-tier healthcare system that would divide ongoing and newly-hired full-time employees, and make new hires pay out of pocket for health benefits in some cases. The union welcomed the district’s proposal to reimburse long-term, part-time faculty for some of their health insurance expenses, but asked for a substantial increase in the funding, to allow a larger number of faculty to receive this important benefit.

For early full-time retirees, the union submitted a modified proposal to pay for health benefits to eligible faculty who retire before Medicare age. For all future full-time retirees, the union proposed to raise the healthcare reimbursement from the district’s proposal, to an amount that at least pay for supplemental Medicare insurance for themselves.

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