Officer Election Results

Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce the results of the CCFF Officer Election:

President:  Solomon Namala
VP-FT Faculty:  Armando Soto
VP-PT Faculty: Lyndsey Lefebvre
Treasurer: Teresa Alenikov
Secretary: George Jarrett
Contract Development Committee Chair: Amy Holzgang
COPE Chair: Michelle Lewellen
Communications Chair: Jack Swanson
Membership Chair: Mike Farina

I should note that although 91 ballots were received, only 70 were valid.  The remaining 21 ballots were invalid because (a) the outer envelopes weren’t signed or ballots were not sealed within an unsigned inner envelope (19 ballots) or (b) the faculty member was not, according to our office records, a CCFF member (2 ballots).

If any member would like to challenge the results, he or she may contact me directly.  In order to inspect the ballots and tally sheets, please contact the CCFF office when our student intern Albert is available (TTh 10-12am, extension 2295).

Thanks to all those colleagues who participated in this election process, especially Linda Palumbo and Jerry Ramos, who helped me count and certify the vote.  Thanks also to Albert and Stephanie, our student interns, who made this a very smooth process indeed.

In unity,

Ted Stolze, Philosophy Department
CCFF Election Committee Chair