2015 ABC School Board Elections


August 3, 2015

ABC Unified School District Board Elections

Incumbent board members Maynard Law, Armin Reyes, Celia Spitzer and Sophia Tse are up for re-election this coming November.  CCFF is looking forward to supporting the local branch of the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) in the months to come.

Many Cerritos College faculty and staff live within the boundaries of ABC Unified; and many of us have children attending ABC Unified schools.  There is also considerable overlap between the political districts of ABC Unified and the Cerritos College Board of Trustees.  For these and other reasons, CCFF has pledged to support candidates endorsed by the local CFT leadership.  As the election nears, CCFF faculty will be asked to donate some time to candidates identified by CFT.  Campaign work in a local election often includes phone banks, precinct walking, and a variety of other activities designed to get out the vote.

It is in the immediate and broader interests of CCFF, as a member of the organized labor community, to participate fully in events and activities that impact the living and learning opportunities of our many service communities.  If you would like to help a local ABC Unified candidate, CFT, and the CCFF, in the upcoming election please contact me at:


Thank You,

Dennis Falcon
Professor, Political Science


June 30, 2015

Faculty of the Cerritos Community College District:

The Cerritos College Faculty Federation (CCFF) is proud to introduce the Committee on Political Education (COPE).  The purpose of COPE is to foster the political education of every member of the Cerritos College bargaining unit.  COPE is the political action arm of the CCFF; responsible for facilitating communications about the many political issues directly affecting the faculty, staff, and students of Cerritos College.  A primary responsibility of COPE is to identify, endorse, and in the case of close or contested elections, financially support candidates for local and statewide elections that support organized labor and improving the quality of public education.

CCFF/COPE is modeled after, and partially supported by, the California Federation of Teachers (CFT).  CCFF/COPE has received grants to assist in recruitment, organization, and political education in the upcoming academic year (Carlos Arce, Terrance Mullins, and myself, are responsible for the three components of the CFT grant).  In the coming weeks (and throughout the year on a continuing basis), Cerritos College faculty will be invited to become full-fledged members of the CCFF.  All new and continuing members will be asked to contribute a minimum of $2.00 from each regular payroll warrant to build the financial resources of the CCFF that can be used for political purposes.  COPE contributors will be directly involved in identifying candidates and causes important to CCFF.  We are in the process of creating a COPE Committee (three to five COPE contributors including the Chair) that will be inclusive and committed to making the best recommendations to the CCFF Executive Board on all political issues that come before it.

As a Political Scientist, and as a politically active member of the College community, I am looking forward to chairing the CCFF/COPE Committee in the months to come.  Cerritos College is welcoming a new President/Superintendent.  The College has received full accreditation.  The state budget is stronger than it has been in the last eight years; and Cerritos College’s financial reserves are intact.  The time to have an impact on our working conditions is now.  The time to bring salaries in line with the ever-increasing cost of living is now.  The time to protect our health care, retirement, sabbaticals, and academic freedom, is now.  More importantly, the time to negotiate a comprehensive and enforceable contract is now.  Together we can do all of this and more.  I believe this.  Your CCFF Executive Board believes this and is committed to no less.  We are labor professionals.  We have the privilege to teach. We have the right to organize.  Please become a full-fledged member and contribute to COPE.  It’s our time.

With the Warmest Regards,


Professor Dennis Falcon, Political Science Department
Cerritos College Faculty Federation/Committee on Political Education, Chairperson


To have a regular contribution to COPE deducted from your paycheck, complete this form and deliver to COPE Chairperson, Dennis Falcon.

Things you can buy for as little as $2:

  • A pack of two Sharpies
  • A roll of Packing Tape
  • A cup of coffee
  • CCFF COPE Membership ($2 minimum monthly contribution)

Things you can get for as little as $2:

  • A pack of two Sharpies
  • A roll of Packing Tape
  • A cup of coffee
  • The knowledge that you are helping your union secure a seat at the table, spread its message, and participate fully in the political process