PT Update (2.25.2019)

New Contract – Forums & Voting

Earlier this month, the CCFF Negotiations Team signed a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the District.  Once the team compiles and formats the new contract, a copy will be emailed–via Cerritos email—along with a voting ballot to all union members. A full week will be allotted for reviewing and voting on the contract. We anticipate this will occur the week of 2/25.

During the same week—Thu, Feb 28 (11-12:30p in LC 155) and Fri, Mar 1 (2-4p in LC 155)— the CCFF will hold open forums to answer any questions you may have about the new contract language.

If and when the new contract is approved by a majority of faculty members, it will be voted on for approval by the Board of Trustees (BOTs) on Wed, Mar 6. The CCFF is asking everyone to attend this meeting from 6-8p to witness the ratification vote. If the new contract is approved by the BOTs, the new changes will take effect.

To view and vote on the new contract, become a member. Click here to be taken to the online CCFF membership form.

To learn more about the form, click here: About the Member Form

To learn more about membership benefits, click here: Member Benefits

If you don’t know if you are a member, you can check with Victor Zamora, our membership chair, at

Membership Drive

The CCFF is holding a membership drive the week of 2/25. We, along with several amazing faculty and AFT/CFT volunteers, will be visiting colleagues’ in their classrooms to discuss working conditions, address questions and concerns, and share recent developments and upcoming events!

Help us build a more united Cerritos College and become a member. Click on the link below:

CCFF Member Form

To learn more, or if you have any questions about this event, please contact the Membership Drive Coordinator, Pauline Acosta:


Returning Retiree Seniority

CCFF believes the District is making a unilateral change to past practice by not giving returning full-time faculty retirees seniority when they come back to teach part-time.

We have filed a grievance on some of these colleagues’ behalf.  If you hear of any additional instances of this, please notify the union by contacting CCFF’s president Stephanie Rosenblatt at, and/or the Grievance Chair, Cynthia Lavariere at

Please note, department chairs are never grieved when they are issues regarding scheduling. They are acting under the deans’ right of assignment when they make scheduling decisions so the deans are grieved.


CCFF has gotten a number of questions about how we can help those who have issues related to administrative or peer evaluations.

We are able to file grievances related to the process of peer evaluation. This can include the type of information included in the evaluation if it exceeds that which is dictated by the negotiated form or if it is requested outside the process. 

In the past we have worked with both parties to ensure that any recommendations given to a faculty member are constructive, actionable, and measurable. We have helped in instances when factual information including in the evaluation is inaccurate. We have also worked to have the evaluation team changed if there could be a perception of bias. 

AB 897 – Part-Time Workload Increase

Good news! The California Assembly Committee of Higher Education has produced a new bill that may raise the part-time workload from 67% to 80-85%, as a result of a resolution passed at last year’s CFT Convention. This bill is anticipated to be heard in the Assembly next month on March 23. This is one step closer to raising the workload cap for adjunct faculty, which may allow them to work several more units at any given community college than they are currently able to work.

To view the full bill, please click here: Assembly Bill No. 897 (Medina)

Debt Clinic

Many of us have it—student loan debt. The CCFF and the CFT are hosting a student loan debt clinic for Cerritos faculty members on Fri, March 8 (2-3:30p in LC 51). To learn more about how you can lower your monthly payments or how your loans can be forgiven, register for the clinic by clicking on the following link: CLINIC REGISTRATION.

(Note: On the registration form, please choose “Cerritos Community College (CA) 03/08/2019” for the Student Debt Clinic drop-down menu, and type “Cerritos College Faculty Federation 6215” for the Affiliate selection.)

If you are not yet a member, please complete the following form before registering for this event. Click here.