PT Update (3.14.2019)

Support Student Loan Forgiveness for Part-Time Faculty

If you’re interested in sending a letter of support for a new bill that would make it easer for adjuncts to qualify for loan forgiveness, please see the attached template. This Friday is the last day to submit letters of support. You can email your completed letters to Debra Burruss at To learn more about this issue, please see the atached fact sheet.

Contract Ratified by Members and the BOT – New Contract

Our new contract has been ratified. We are now working with the administration to produce a clean copy that we will print and distribute to faculty.  In the coming weeks and months, we will make efforts to highlight some of the new language.

Please note some noteable changes below.

Pay Increase for Part-Time Faculty

The Part-time (PT) pay schedule for instructional faculty has been merged with the full-time (FT) pay schedule. So, now adjunct faculty will be paid a parity factor of .545 (a 4.71% pay increase is included in the parity factor). This factor is based on the full-time pay schedule, columns A, B and F. Being placed on the FT schedule means PTers will automatically receive a raise when FTers do.

PT Non-Instructional faculty will receive a 4.71% increase in salary.

Retro Checks

Retroactive paychecks will be sent out by April 19. 


For each academic year, a pool of $100,000 will be set aside to reimburse eligible part-time faculty for medical and dental expenses. Reimbursements will be given out on a first come, first served basis for PT faculty who’ve taught at least 40% of a FT load for at least three semesters within three years. An individual adjunct can request reimbursement up to $1,000 per semester (fall and spring) during a semester in which they are teaching at least a 40% FT load, for a total of $2,000 per academic year.

The District will establish the application and reimbursement procedure and will post it on the Human Resources website.

PT Faculty Now Paid to Attend Department/Division Meetings

Part-time faculty members who attend schedule department and division meetings, will be compensated $30/hr. When you attend these meetings, please be sure to sign in upon your arrival. This list of attendees will then be given to your division office.

CCFF Elections

All CCFF officers are up for election.  Nominations closed Wednesday, 3/13, and you should hear who the candidates are in the near future.  There will be a candidate forum on April 16 @ 11 am in LC 134.  The election will run April 16 – 23.

Office Hours Grievance

We have lodged a grievance with the district over office hours. PT faculty are being told that they have to hold office hours on the same day their classes are scheduled. If you were told you must hold office hours on the same day as your scheduled classes, please contact CCFF’s Grievance Chair, Cynthia Lavarriere at

California Federation of Teachers (CFT) 100th Convention

During our Spring Break (Mar 22-24), union officers and other member delegates will attend the annual CFT Convention to discuss and advocate for proposed changes to California law. Issues that are relevant to part-time faculty are reflected in the following resolutions:

  • Support Part-Time Faculty Participation in Shared Governance (Resolution 9)
  • Support Compensation for Part-Time Educators During Lockdown (Resolution 10)
  • Support Affordable House for Educators and Classified Professionals (Resolution 22)

Please see the attached document for the full text for each of these (as well as all other) CFT Resolutions to be debated at the convention.

If you would like to provide delegates with feedback, please contact CCFF’s COPE Chair, Irving Bartikofsky at