Recap of Public E-Board Meeting (9.19.2017)

Hi All,

To catch everyone up on the most recent Public Executive Board meeting from earlier this week, here is a quick summary of the highlights from the agenda items discussed.


During the summer, just before the Fall semester began, the union visited the two faculty orientations–one for new full-time faculty and another for new part-time faculty–to talk about the union’s role and purpose.

Also, during this semester, executive board members of the union are beginning an outreach campaign with the goal of talking to 200 current members by mid-October.

If you have any questions about membership, including how to become a member or your membership status, please contact the Membership Chair, Debbie Jensen at

Committee on Political Education (COPE)

The COPE committee is in the process of developing friendly working relationships with the Board of Trustees (BOTs). The COPE Chair has already begun visiting BOT members individually.

The COPE fund is also now growing. Thanks to new generous donors, we now receive about $1,049/mo (for ten months of the year) in donations from our colleagues. If you would like to make a contribution to the COPE fund, please contact the COPE Chair, Lyndsey Lefevbre at

The first COPE committee meeting will be held on Wed, Sep 27 at 4:30p in LC 134.


16-Week Calendar

Implementation of the 16-week calendar is currently stalled. CCFF and the District still haven’t come to terms on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The process of implementing the new calendar can begin when this MOU is agreed upon and signed. Also, before transitioning to the new calendar, the BOT has requested a financial analysis of the impact of switching the calendar. However, that analysis will not be triggered until the terms of the MOU have been agreed upon and the MOU itself has been signed. The CCFF and the District started meeting about this in May of this year, but little progress has been made.

Meetings with Human Resources/Management

All bargaining unit members should be aware that, if they are asked to attend a meeting or hearing in Human Resources, or with their dean or chair/manager, that they think might result in disciplinary measures, they have the right to have a union representative accompany them to the meeting. This is part of all faculty’s Weingarten Rights. If you would like to request a union representative to accompany you to such a meeting, please contact Cynthia Lavariere, the Grievance Chair, at


This year’s fiscal budget was presented at the meeting by the Treasurer, Terri Alenikov.

The union currently has a $16,000 deficit coming out of the summer intersession (during which, no dues are collected). This deficit will begin to be reversed in November, when dues will begin to be gathered once again.

The union’s executive board is asking members to approve a dues increase. Increased dues will go toward meeting our anticipated legal and negotiated expenses along with providing funding for essential leadership training for current and incoming union officers. Additional funding will also go toward ensuring that the union office can stay open during the summer, so that faculty working during the summer are adequately represented during this intersession.

Copies of the budget will be available in the union office, located in the Classroom Building, room CB 112. Please contact the union President, Stephanie Rosenblatt (, to set up a time to pick up a copy and to discuss any items or to answer any questions you may have about the budget.

Veronica Miranda
Your Communications Chair
Cerritos College Faculty Federation (CCFF)
11110 Alondra Blvd
Norwalk, CA 90650
CB 112