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Impasse Updates

Feel free to refer to this Impasse Explained presentation to learn more about impasse

Special Commemorative Communication on Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day

Come Meet and Greet Your CCFF Communications Chair At Eboard or Membership Meetings

The committee holds Membership Mondays phone banks at 5-7pm and will do so until the end of the spring 2021 term. Your participation is also welcomed during the Thursday committee meetings at 12:30pm and our phone banks. Please contact Dr. Pauline Acosta, Membership Committee Chair at membership@ccffcerritos.org if you wish to participate! We hope you find the information in this page to be of help. Click here for more ideas on how to become a more community engaged CCFF leader.


Visit the COVID-19 Faculty Resources Page for ongoing updates!

Prop-COVID-19 MOU-2021-02-03



Vote and Join the CCFF Elections Committee

A new CCFF Executive Board election is coming up for all ten of the Eboard positions! The Elections Committee is looking for at least 2 volunteers. To qualify, you need to be a member of the union not running for office. This is a great opportunity to get involved in shared governance and serve our Cerritos College community of educators by overseeing the election process.  If you are interested, contact  Jason Hultman, CCFF Elections Committee Chair at jhultman@cerritos.edu or (949) 441-6817 by Tuesday, February 16.

Join COPE and Attend the Committee on Political Education Meetings

The Committee on Political Education will hold a regular COPE members meeting on March 8, 2021 at 5pm, and a “Meet and Greet” with some of the Board of Trustee members on March 11, 2021 at 7pm. Christopher Richardson, COPE Chair will be sending out an invitation, meetings information, and zoom links for both events. Please RSVP to obtain zoom meeting link! Reach out to Chris for more information or questions about COPE at copechair@ccffcerritos.org.

Attend or Watch Live the Board of Trustees Meetings

We encourage you to support CCFF and President Wang by attending the live Board of Trustees Meetings. All agendas, meeting dates, and links are posted here! The Cerritos College Board of Trustees meets Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. You may view the agenda and watch a live broadcast at https://go.boarddocs.com/ca/cerritos/Board.nsf/Public

During COVID leave, we encourage you to please submit public comments in suppport of CCFF negotiations that can be read at the Board of Trustees meetings! Click here to leave your comment.

In your comment, consider including concerns about taking care of family during the pandemic.


“I am taking care of my children while I work from home.”

“I need to be available to care for my elderly parents.”

“My family depends on me and I will need support if I get sick.”

Hearing these comments will help the Board of Trustees understand the working conditions of faculty and help CCFF at the negotiations table. Click here to leave your comments before Wednesdays at 7pm. You can also call to record a public comment at (562) 888-3610. If you’re planning on leaving a comment, please fill out this quick form so that we know how many comments to expect. If you’d like any assistance or have any questions about submitting a public comment, please contact CCFF at info@ccffcerritos.org.

Meet and Greet President Wang and Fellow CCFF Division Representatives 

President Wang will be holding recurring meetings with Division Reps for the remaining of the Spring 2021 semester.  The meetings will take place Wednesdays at 10:00am before your monthly division meetings. Talking points will discussed and shared.

Attend the SPRING 2021 CFT Convention

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and public health guidelines, the CFT Convention 2021 will be held virtually on March 26-27. Some events will be held in the days preceding the Convention. The Convention is the Federation’s highest governance body, where delegates shape union policy and positions on issues affecting all members. The now biennial Convention is open to all CFT members, but only elected delegates can vote. Therefore, CCFF is seeking delegates to attend the CFT Convention. Since the convention will be held online this year, it is free for all CCFF members to attend. Any CCFF member in good standing can be nominated or self-nominated to attend as a delegate. Interested CCFF members may email President Wang by February 19 at 11:59 pm at president@ccffcerritos.org to express interest in serving as a delegate for the Convention.

Attend the Cerritos College Faculty Senate Meetings

As stated in the Faculty Senate by-laws, the main purpose of the Senate is to:

  1. study, with assistance of as many faculty members as is feasible, matters related to academic and professional standards and affairs of the College; and
  2. make recommendations to the administration and/or Governing Board.

Faculty Senate meetings are held in the Cheryl A. Epple Board Room on Tuesdays (except the third Tuesday) during the fall and spring semester from 11:05 AM – 12:20 PM.

With “Stay-at-Home” orders in place, Senate meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/92100920607?pwd=SGJWYXNOeFUrU1h1MDQ3MVFDVGdlZz09
Password: FS2020


Special Post Financial Audit Communication

Union Members,

As you may have heard, we engaged an outside auditor to review the books of our union. An audit search committee was formed to aid in the selection process. The Audit Committee was comprised of Professors Richard Ghidella, Chair of the Audit Committee, Professor Larry Ambriz, and Drs. Cynthia Lavariere, and Ralph Casas (non-voting observer). A special thank you to Professor Veronica Miranda who did a lot of the heavy lifting and organizing the committee before a Chair was elected.

The committee interviewed several CPA firms that were recommended by AFT. It was a hard choice because everyone recommended and interviewed were excellent candidates. After several interviews, Calibre CPA was selected. Calibre has extensive experience working with California Community College Unions and several that are about the same size as Cerritos.

The auditor report was very positive and found no discrepancies. As you read the report, you will notice the tone of the CALIBRE CPA Letter is a bit cold and dry. That is the normal style of a compliance audit. Compliance auditors are not worried about our self-esteem.

The auditor had two minor recommendations and the audit committee has added a third.

  1. The union should establish a point person for any member to contact if they suspect fraud or other mishandling of union resources. The audit committee also added the recommendation that the point person should not be a signatory to the union’s bank accounts.
  2. The auditor pointed out that the union routinely has deposits above the FDIC insurance limits at their banking institution. The audit committee has recommended moving $50,000 to $75,000 to a second bank. This will protect the union better from not only a bank failure, but provide liquidity to the union if the union account gets frozen for any reason such as the account getting hacked.
  3. The union audit committee recommends the continued digitation of union documents.

Calibre will be conducting a town hall style meeting to present the audit finding and take questions from the entire union membership on Jan 19, 2021 at 11:00 am via Zoom. We hope you will all attend.

In unity,

Richard Ghidella – Audit Search Committee Chair

Lynn Wang, Ed.D. – CCFF President

AU 265


16wkMOU plus calendars (Dec 2017)

CCFF “Sunshines” Topics for 2021-2024 Contract Negotiations