Support Oakland Teachers

Before the end of the month, teachers and educators in the Oakland Education Association may go on strike for reasons nearly identical to the historic UTLA strike last month. OEA members are fighting for a living wage, smaller class sizes, and more student support. They are fighting for respect.

We urge you to show your support for our sisters and brothers in Oakland by doing any and all of the following:

Wear #RedForEd on February 15th. Friday, February 15th has been set as a statewide day of action in support of Oakland teachers. You can participate by urging your members to wear #RedForEd on that day, posting photos on social media using the hashtags #RedForEd and #Unite4OaklandKids, and by tagging @CFTunion and @OaklandEA.

Donate to the OEA Membership Assistance Fund. OEA has set up a fund to provide financial support to assist their most vulnerable members in the event of a prolonged strike. The CFT is already in the process of donating to the fund, and we ask that you consider doing the same.

Donate to Bread for Ed: Bread for Ed is an effort to provide food for those students and teachers who won’t have access to such resources if they stay out as a result of the strike. There are 37,000 students in the district, the vast majority of whom depend on free or reduced priced lunches.

Walk the Picket Line or Adopt a School: We know that several locals in the Bay Area are actively working to support the Oakland teachers. If you are in the area, please consider walking the picket line during the strike, and encouraging your members to do the same. The OEA will also get word to us soon about how your local can adopt a school during the strike, regardless of your location. If you are interested in adopting a school, please let us know and we will get the details to you as they become available.

Thanks again to all for supporting our sisters and brothers in Oakland. Across the state and across the nation, educators and school workers are making a stand in the face of privatization and austerity, and we are winning.

In Unity,
Josh Pechthalt, President
California Federation of Teachers2550 N. Hollywood Way, #400Burbank, CA. 91505818-843-8226 (w)